THE RAIN OF VIETNAM !! makes me sad

This is the test I wrote and one person commented: "Your voice is too young!"  I'm really sad.  I'm not sad because people comment, I'm sad because I'm judging myself wrong.  You read and let me feel with!  😢



 Vietnam.  lately it's raining.  Tidy regardless of day and night.  The line of people is always busy.  And the rain is like a catalyst to make Vietnam hurry ...

 "Split" - I open the door and step into the familiar little room, ending a day without stress.

 Looking at the familiar alley, with a strange vibe, I thought I should do something.

 Bring your heart to freedom

 Recently, my job has not been going well.  Have I tried hard enough?  Every day I ask myself like that.  Self-esteem is what successful people do.  To know that our strengths need to be promoted and weaknesses we need to overcome.

 Play a favorite song, I choose Spirited Away.  It is really special on rainy days.  The piano sound is mixed with the sound of a little rain, there is no place as wonderful as your soul to return to freedom.  No worries, no sadness, enjoy the music with natural sound with all your heart.  Despite the gray sky, no matter how strong thunder and lightning, I will be able to withstand thunderstorms very well.

 Am I waiting for something or will I seize the opportunity myself?

 Hidden boots

 24 years old, not too old nor miss, I feel like a pair of boots!

 On hot days, my boots hid.  Because boots know this is not a good opportunity to develop their strengths.  Nobody likes to wear boots when dry.  The boot's job is to protect people's feet when the rain comes.  And everyone would say, "These boots are so good!"

 My passion is writing.  Write nonsense, write everything, wherever you are, as long as I don't give up.  One day, I believe I, like those boots, will succeed in the path I choose.  Passion is like an opium, once you are addicted it is difficult to give up.

 Instead of thinking wildly, a hot cup of coffee is the ideal choice.

 Cup of coffee on rainy day

 Hot cup of coffee is a drink suitable for those who are concerned about themselves.  Today I mixed a little bitter more than usual.  Instead of leaving, I choose to drink and reflect, the wrong recipe leads to such bitter taste.  There will be times when you stumble or fall, don't be too sad!  Nobody is perfect.  If we stumble, we can experience it, we can reap success if we fail.  Most importantly, you choose to stand up or lose yourself in the bitter taste of life.

 Rummaging through my old backpack, I turned on the phone to see how tomorrow's Saigon weather.

 Tomorrow it will be sunny

 Today, it rains in Saigon again, allowing those who love to write like me to fly again.  I click my tongue, it's okay, it's sunny tomorrow, taking advantage of these vibrations to help us achieve pleasure in every word.  The way we see life will be the way it treats us.  I just live like flowers, give off the fragrance for life and die.  I just live fully, trying every day.  Because of this passion, I am the owner.


 Photo: Behance



Syed Inayat shah
23 Oct

post is very best and informative.


23 Oct

You are the owner of your own life and you are the best person to live your life to the fullest. No one knows tomorrow or what tomorrow may bring. 


Moses Hope
23 Oct

Writers with their different drift of consciousness.

Rainy season can cloud one's brain with many things and this make many people to be hopeless but not writers. They always make this season just like any other season interesting for them.


Tosin Momodu
23 Oct

It's nice, I don't know what is so young about it.

Every one has his own way of expressing interest so if someone feels it's like a young age write up, then I guess it would appeal to the young ones.

It's nice to me, even if a long for me to get through but I still read it all to the end and it came out nice to me.

Keep up the good work, don't let anyone stop your writing, just keep working hard on improving your writing.


Saira Kakar
23 Oct

Very informative and good post 

Rainy days are so beautiful days and when we alone we remambers our old mamories and feel good with our mamories







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