This is my entry OF 10 QUESTIONS @Emaan Contest.

​Hi!!!  My friends and family here I Uptrennd I greet you all always stay safe.

  1. ​WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT UUPTRENND?   I know that uptrennd is a site that creates or generates an ERC-20 token, This tokens come in form of 1upand the 1up comes by our upvotes, And the upvoting system helps to generate what we can call a digital currency or as popularly called crypto currency.                                         Uptrennd is more like every other social media sites or platform but the big difference is that uptrennd pays or rewards us for all our creativities both in post and comments.

  2. ​THE THING WHICH I LIKED MOST ON UPTRENND?    What I liked and I still like it even now on Uptrennd is our ability  to create a post and also comment both in other people's post and in our own post, ability to post pictures and also the private messaging on the platform, infact all this features has made me a very serious less active person on facebook. 

  3. ​THE THING I DON'T LIKE IS ON UPTRENND?     "Not having equal value in our upvotes"   I may not know the reason why and am sure is a necessity to make it equal value as to that of our Guardians. And secondly the fact that our newbies has not guidelines about how they can post and add pictures in the in between of our contents I think is also a necessity I believe it will encourage more people to join the platform.

  4. ​YOU ARE FINDING WHICH THE ON UPTRENND?                I Actually found out that Uptrennd is really accommodating my people from Asia and Africa from different countries, I also found out that Uptrennd is really educative, interesting and loving, it is also exceptional due to its term and conditions. 

  5. THE BEST UPTRENND USER ACCORDING TO ME?         I really appreciate the fact that Jeff Kirdeikis is the developer of this site, but the truth is that am yet to know him, I actually have my best Uptrennd user, but it doesn't mean that the rest of us are not the best Uptrennd user's, but the fact is that I so much trust and believe on him so much and that person is but nobody else but ME @ yes is me are you surprised you don't need to be cause am the best Uptrennd you user.

  6. ​THE CHANGES WHICH YOU WANT ON UPTRENND?        There is alot changes running through my mind now but one of the most important of them all is to create a guidelines that will help our newbies whenever they register I tell you providing a guide will draw more people to Uptrennd even much more than you expect, guide will help them know how to make a post, add pictures in between there contents and something to help identify each functions of the above keys on top of this content box thank you.

  7. ​THE BEST PERSON TO KNOW WHOM YOU MET ON UPTRENND?         Well i actually meant alot of people on Uptrennd of which each and everyone of them is wonderful and awesome but there is this particular person that made me know how to do all that I enjoy doing everyday of my life she is no other people but @MINI JAY 💕😘 I will appreciate you so much.

  8. ​WHICH LESSONS DID I GET THOUGH MY MISTAKES ON UPTRENND?       The honest truth about my mistakes here got me depressed 😔 and I only moved on due to the post of everyone about taking control of your depression periods, but now I have learnt to but patient in anything I do here on Uptrennd, both in my post and comments, adding of pictures and some other things.

  9. ​WHAT YOU LEARNT THROUGH THIS WORLDWIDE PLATFORM?          I have really learnt also but the the best thing I learnt on this platform is how to read everyday of my life for about 4 to 5 hours each day since I joined Uptrennd at last week's of November 2020.

​HOW UPTRENND BROUGHT POSITIVITY TO MY LIFE?      I really understand the fact that Uptrennd is really a genius platform that pays in ERC-20 Digital currency which I know will definitely bring it's positivity to me in due time and it has also helped me to meet people from different parts of the world and am yet to be connected with them in the area of business and am sure they are all good people.      




Scholastica Kosy
06 Jan

Wow. I see you have gotten to know @Mimi Jay so well.

There are Alot of things which uptrennd has impacted in you and they are quite encouraging.

Jeff is really a good user even though he is not always active but he has alot of things he's doing behind the scenes.

Nice entry


Mimi Jay
06 Jan

I'm glad you feel motivated and learnt lots from me and I can say for sure I'm a proud teacher...  All the best in this contest dear 


DeThouGhT ConCepT
06 Jan

You are indeed a good teacher and I really appreciate you so much for all you taught concerning Uptrennd.

Am so proud of you my dearie and God will continue to bless you exceedingly abundantly







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