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The psychology of day trading – tips along the way

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Elena Demou 10 months ago

"Poker face and the cool head" Lol, I have neither and it is really important... and this is why I can't bring myself to do it.

Julescape Crypto 10 months ago

Aha, yes keeping a cool head in trading is crucial apparently. I have learned about my emotional fallibility in the past year trading, though have become better with practice, not at making more money but at keeping calm and detached throughout. 

Acheampong Emmanuel 10 months ago

Thanks for sharing these important tips!

Julescape Crypto 10 months ago

My pleasure, happy to share what I've learned.

Ilin Kazandzhiev 10 months ago

Welcome to Uptrennd! Good to have you here!

Julescape Crypto 10 months ago

Thank you sir, honoured to join you on the Uptrennd. Impressive platform and kind devs and mods.

Nathan Kaytar 10 months ago

Killer post! keep them comming.

All great tips for new traders.  personaly my emotions always get the best of me. 

Julescape Crypto 10 months ago

Thanks for your positive feedback Nathan, I will post more writing based on my personal experience and research as the days go by.

Emotions are risky in trading, and in life. Many people do foolish things under the influence of their irrational emotions so it pays to keep calm throughout.

Luke Brenland 10 months ago

I tried to trade when i first got into Crypto but lost more than i made and only really took profit talking about a handful of times! lol I am too impatient but i watch alot of TA videos and read alot of it now so picking things up slowly now!

Awesome write up mate!! 

Julescape Crypto 10 months ago

Wow sincere thanks for the donation of points Luke. You are very kind, helping me on my way here on the Uptrennd. 

Interesting that you are still happy to learn more about TA, despite not profiting yet. It is a fascinating subject with so much info online. I also investigate it daily.

Luke Brenland 10 months ago

ahh not a problem man and i can see the effort is put into your writing :)

yeah tbh, you will never get better if you dont take time to learn. Things take time to really understand, need the experience!


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