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When you have been robbed of a part of the world around which your whole life revolves what impact would it have on you? It may be true that children are not the face of this current pandemic, but they are among the most emotionally vulnerable groups. This does not mean that they are not affected by what is going on around them. How has the pandemic affected children? How does the mind of a child process such information? Does this prolonged period of social isolation have them perplexed, anxious and upset? Are there long-term effects that we need to consider? These are the questions that beg to be answered so that we could address their needs rightly during and beyond the pandemic.


The main objective of this study is to find how the pandemic has impacted and affected the life of children. The second objective is to understand the far-reaching consequences this pandemic has brought about and the third objective is to highlight what can be done to help children during this time of uncertainty and fear. 

Scope of the study

The scope of the study is limited by several factors as it is restricted to online resources, mainly studies undertaken by professionals in this area. This study is also limited by time and resources as there is not enough relevant data available at this point in time while the pandemic is still raging in varying intensities in different parts of the globe.  

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

  • An introduction and overview of the study, 

  •  Embedded Video

Chapter 2

Impact of the pandemic on children and adolescents

  • Physical Impact

  • Psychological Impact

  • Other child related problems

Chapter 3

  • Problems faced by adolescents and teenagers during the pandemic.

  • How to address this problem 

  • Conclusion


While the world was still wondering how much technology was right for children, the pandemic has helped decide that for us. It not only took us by surprise, but it has completely disrupted our lives overnight. It has affected people regardless of age, geographic location, class, or creed. More than 190 nations are still reeling under Covid 19 one year after it was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

Although we believe that children are not directly affected by the pandemic, their lives have been turned upside down. Being amongst the most vulnerable and possibly the most neglected group of all during the pandemic, children have suffered in silence.  

Children thrive when there are set routines and structures without which they are confused and lost. Their whole world revolves around routines set up at school and at home and now they have been shut behind closed doors.While most adults are still trying to come to terms with the new reality and struggling to adapt themselves to the changes that followed where does that leave children? It is imperative to understand the psycho-social impact this pandemic is having on children and their coping abilities. What has this prolonged period of isolation done to their mental health? What do we know about how children are coping with such drastic changes to their lives?

Watch the video below to see what parents from Uptrennd had to say about their experiences during the pandemic.

Stay tuned for part two of this study. Thank you for your time, I would love to hear your opinion on what you have heard and read this far.

My special thanks to @Amber Kashif, @Adore Eu and @Fizza Ahmad for taking time out from their busy schedules to be part of this study. I deeply appreciate their cooperation in the limited time frame I had given them.

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To read part two of thesis thesis follow this link

To read Part three of this thesis click on this link 

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Fizza Ahmad

This topic is really discuss able. This pandemic has effected alot every one. Academic sessions suffered alot due to this. Its difficult for men to meet both ends. May Allah save us from this pandemic. 

Its my pleasure to be part of your thesis. ❤️❤️


Sofs Su

@Fizza for being very genuine in the expression of your difficulties. 

I know most parents would feel the same way, with chores mounting up and the education of your child almost completley on your shoulders.

In the next part I aslo discuss in detail about this aspect of the problem

Thank you for making this study worthwhile.


Mark Ceeza

I must say the pandemic was no good for children and tenegers but as all this is going on, most tenegers took the responsibility to be financially stable. I'm not saying this out of ordinary thoughts, but from what I saw and experienced. But on the other hand it affected some children in a bad way and it also impacted some knowledge too. 


Sofs Su

Thanks for sharing your views.

Honestly in my study I did not come across any data to support what you say. It may or may not be true, but research needs data to back it.

The pandemic has had its positive effects, and there is much research to be done in this area.

Thanks for stopping by.


Adore Eu

Your topic is a great one and I have no doubt you are not just going to do justice to it but you are already. A lot of children or parents have one thing orvtge other to say about the effects of the pandemic. For me, it did a lot of harm than good to children, both in academic and social life. I like to follow this thesis and read more. Thanks for the mention, your video is awesome. Indeed as the parents expressed, many if the kids's routine was thwarted, adjusting to another one was not easy. The pandemic really took a toll on the kids


Sofs Su

Thank You @Adore for your kind appreciation. This pandemic is causing a huge backlog in skill development in children whether parents understand it or not.

There have been a few positives like parents spending more time with children, but are they too stressed is a question worth answering. 

Like @Fizza said, her chores have piled up and she has to spend so much time helping her son understand what he is studying.. how much patience will be left at the end of the day. Parents are human too.


Adore Eu

That is true especially with younger children. The parent need to be there to guide in the assignment while other things suffers. We all worry and wonder for how much longer the pandemic will stay.  Obviously life has not been same for many


Jeremiah Akpabio

This is really academic exercise which you have taken time to analyze the effects of coronavirus on children. Though the study has not been completed, it has run the abstract well by introducing the major concept of covid-19. The study has objectives, table of contents and introduction. I'm waiting to read the concluding part of the project.


Sofs Su

Glad that you will be following the next two parts of the study. Acadameic analysis can be tedious, but worth understanding. Thanks for your time.


preview not available Adelan o

It's effects has been hard on everyone especially children, imagine the number of months without going to school, the effect of the world stopping is hard enough for adults, for kids it must be much worse. 

Children are naturally restless and want to be active as the youth in them yearns for it. But alas, we have social distancing, lock down and the likes, a family member dies, jobs are lost. I hope we all get to recover and heal. 


Sofs Su

You truly understnd their plight, don't you? 

Children do become restless, bored and irritable. Being confined to a small space truly cramps them.

The worst part is the pandemic doesn't seem to end, second and thrid waves are still raging as we speak. Each wave much more compler than the earlier ones. 

No school, no friends takes a toll on their emotional health.







From mental health to physical health.


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