The Power of God's Supremacy

God is the all knowing and the Almighty one. The fact that no one knows His beginning, yet He knows the end of all things right from the beginning. He is the same God, who is all knowing and has the power to change anything at anytime.

He is so great that he has the final say over all things including sickness, poverty, demons and all humans. To be very affirmative, he does things because he reigns supreme in sufficiency. Whenever He says a thing, it is done right from the beginning regardless any forces and regardless of your faith or doubt.

God is still in full actualization of bringing about miracles and doing things we have entire believed will never be possible. Especially when you think you are failure, at that point he comes all the way to show forth and grant you a new beginning. It is never the end until God affirms it so.

Watch the full service below:👇



Anthony Eri
25 Oct

May the name of the Lord God Almighty be praised forevermore! Indeed, I agree with Daddy Adeboye! The Lord Almighty has no beginning and no ending! The Heavens is his throne and the Earth is his footstool. No matter how high or how powerful we think we are, we are under the footstool of the Lord God Almighty.

Thanks for this inspirational word of God video from the General overseer of the RCCG!


Muhammad Ali
26 Oct

I agree with Anthony Eri


Dwightjaden Respondo
25 Oct

I will listen to this before going to bed where there is silent (plugin to my headphone) ❤🙏.


Muhammad Imran
25 Oct

Surely makes calm and soothing effect on mind. God's praise

Everyone praise God in their way 


Scholastica Kosy
25 Oct

I saw the preacher saying about the purposes of the church.

Indeed a church is a place where ww all come together to pray to God. And it's also a place where we observe the lords supper.

It's a place where we love one another.

The church is not just the building but we the Christians that comes to worship in tge lords house.


Oluwapoju Adeniran
25 Oct

Happy Sunday Boss.

God has been a Supremacy God from the start and he will be till the end because no one can be compared with him.

He has dominion over everything on earth and heavens that is why he is respected round the whole world.







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