It is clear the state of things in Nigeria presently and the level at which lives are lost is so sadden and heartbreaking. I feel so drained and currently my mental health is under undue pressure that I had to take some times off social media and online related activities. 

The #EndSARS protest has been very peaceful despites the efforts of the government to sabotaged it. Only a retarded fools will believed that the psuedo thugs that hijacked the protest were the not the coordinated doings of the government. They also used the police, yet these well meaning youths still maintained peace in the protest. 

However, the used of the military on protesters at Lekki which saw the massacre of unarmed harmless protesters among which many died and hundreds injured, turned things around and the destruction of properties followed. 

The picture above is a chat between two friends. Having lost a dear friend with nothing less than $40k in his block chain, he resolved that everything in life is vanity. That money now is completely locked away and locked away for good. All the years the deceased had been toiling is blown up as ash in the wind with his death. 

Having enough to feed yourself and family and live comfortably is important but must be done reasonably. Life is not a do or die affair. Nothing that lives, lives forever. Make wealth but always remember the here after. 

Help when you can. Make life better for people around you. The wealth you have will not be used to measure your worth when you gone but the good you've done. Touch people life. 





Shahbaz Hussain
23 Oct

We should all help each other.

What we do for Nigeria..?

We must all work together and speak out against the oppression of Nigeria😐


Pa3ck Soft
23 Oct

well said 

life is all about the impact and sacrifices you did for people around you so we should always acknowledge that and live right 


Ayoola Adegoke
23 Oct

This is really touching 

After the hard Labour, he was unable to reap the fruits

This is so disheartening and saddening

May all the souls of the victims of lekki massacre rest in peace


Rabeya Arsalan
23 Oct


u are right we are to be judged by our deeds 

no one will remember what we had what we earn what we spend 

but a little deeds of kindness will always be remembered and we will be rewarded for our good deeds only 


Eunigold Paul
23 Oct

This is so sad to here.

Nigerian leaders has turned everything upside down, may God heal our land

May there soul rest in peace and may God console their family. I really cry for these country


Uncle Jay
23 Oct

Seriously the situation is terrible. Yet the government is still insulting on our intelligence by faking information on the media. Buying some youths to carryout dirty information and misinform the public. Its just so bad. 







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