The person that hate your family can't love you

 In this life there are people you can never impress or make them to love you due to one reason or the other. The reason why it's difficult for some people to love us is sometimes because they hate the family we come from or maybe they are our family enemy.

There's a saying in Africa that says "if a man hate his wife there's no how he will love her child and if he loves the wife he loves everything that comes from the wife including the children" this is exactly how things are. Don't think if a person is your family enemy or hate your family it doesn't mean the person can't love you, no. Before a person love you he or she must love your family before the love is genuine but if the person doesn't love your family that means you are only fooling yourself. 

Anyone claiming to love you when he or she doesn't love your family can hurt you just to get back at your family. It's not good to keep enemies but it's wise to stay away from people that dislike your family because you won't be exempted from the person hate list. If you feel like you can change the hatred between your families then act with caution and don't forget that once an enemy is always an enemy and sometimes when you feel the hatred is gone all they want is a perfect time to strike again.

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Abdullah Khan
27 Oct

Yes for love loving with family members is also important


Dr. Chammy Jay
27 Oct

That's the truth.. If they can bear to hurt your family, then they do not truly love you at all.


Alfa Frankly
27 Oct

No one will truly love you and have your family, it's imports t we don't make ourselves vulnerable to such people, can't they can use us to get at our family... So it's advisable to stay away and maintain a distance relationship with such.


Faleye Taiwo
27 Oct

A love that put family in an excemption is not a genuine one.. Family should be loved first 


Endiong Bob
27 Oct

My father would always say if they don't love the mother, they can't love the son or daughter, you just have to be wise and apply wisdom in life. This is an expository content 


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