The Partner collection and the Arkane claw drop details + NFT Giveaway

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Partner collection

After launching the Artist collection, where we collaborate with established NFT artists to create unique pieces, we are excited to launch the Partner collection! A collection where we join forces with our partners to create exceptional pieces.

The partnership between Arkane and CryptoPick goes a long way back, so it speaks for itself the first piece of the Partner collection needed to be a collab between both projects!

Drop details

The Arkane set is a Legendary claw and consists of 3 pieces (Pipe, Base, and Claws). Legendary means only 10 of each piece will ever exist, so a total of 30 NFTs will be created.

This drop is unique because the NFTs are not sold in the CryptoPick shop for Pickies like usually but on the Arkane Market for Arkane Credits.

The 10 sets will be dropped as follows:
1 set will be given away by CryptoPick
1 set will be given away by Arkane
7 sets will be sold for a fixed price by CryptoPick on the Arkane Market
1 set (the number #1 mint) will be put for auction by CryptoPick on the Arkane Market

The drop starts on Thursday, April 29th - 3 PM CET on Arkane Market.
• We will start by placing 2 sets for sale (Mint #2|#3).
• Once the first 2 are sold, we will add another 2 for sale (Mint #4|#5).
• After those 2 are sold, we will add another 3 for sale (Mint #6|#7|#8).
• Once the 7 sets are sold, we will auction the last set (Mint #1).

The prices are:
Pipe: 120 Arkane Credits (120$)
Base: 140 Arkane Credits (140$)
Claws: 160 Arkane Credits (160$)

How to buy?

  1. Log in to Arkane Market (or create an Arkane account).

  2. Make sure you have enough Arkane Credits.

  3. Go to the shop and find the Arkane Claw piece you are looking for.

  4. Buy the NFT and enjoy your fresh exclusive piece.


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