The Need For Humanity

I was in a discussion today with a friend, and we were pondering if there was any situation in which life and nature dealt everybody an even hand.

It then occurred to me there was at least one.


That’s where nature extra its fairness and finality.

Rich, poor, short, tall, African, European, straight, gay.

In a morbid way it is actually a good thing.

This existence of ours, though impressive, is evidently grossly and annoyingly imperfect.

If I were to transit to another existence from here, my wish would be for it to be much fairer and even handed.

The wild variations in fortunes of humans can actually be depressing, from being a child born to a royal family to being an orphan whose parents were killed in a war zone, from being an able bodied human to an individual with a debilitating genetic disease.

Perhaps it in the interest (as opposed to an inevitability) of the cosmos that we all eventually die and are forgotten in the larger scheme of things.

This life is too unbalanced to be the real deal.

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Anthony Eri
25 Feb

Originally, the real intention of life was humanity to live on Earth forever but sin and evil crept in which eventually leads to death. So everyone must die both good and bad, rich and poor, weak and powerful, we all must die! But we must understand that since death is our fate, we must not put our minds to it but rather, we must put our mind in living the best part of our lives, in achieving our true purpose of life and making an impact on humanity & society!!!


Chidiebere Nze
26 Feb

The best one can do is to live to the fullest while bearing in mind that we'll have to account for all we've done here one day. So far, the Bible has done the best job so far of describing how death feels. 


Josemendez P.
25 Feb

It certain that death will surely come because this world is a journey . We then need to prepare for it but living a life worthy of being called sons and daughters of our creator .

This is why we need to treat this world as a place that passes by 


Chidiebere Nze
26 Feb

This life, as imperfect as it is, is still the best and we can do a lot to improve the experiences for ourselves and those around us.


Kelvin Ajah
25 Feb

Life itself is a mystery, so we just have to life the one avail to us and live it the best. Unanswered questions are in the hands of divinity but in all we should appreciate any way we are created to be. 


Endeme Tariah
26 Feb

No doubt life is unbalance and full of uncertainties...if wishes were horses beggars will's important we take life as we see it and try to carve a part of success for ourselves.


preview not available Dotun Awosika
26 Feb

Death actually does not respect class, race, colour or personality, however, I noticed that the so-called bad actors in our societies never die easily compared to innocent people. 







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