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    Viewing Vesa works is like taking a tour of the Louvre.
You can watch everything from a distance and do it in 2 hours. And then you can talk: yes, I was been and I have seen! But what did you get out of it? What do you remember? Well ... the answer will be ... hmmm ... not much.
If you spend there a few days on a guided tour, then you will learn about the history of the people who lived there for several centuries, you will learn about their everyday habits and the collected exhibits will not be ordinary objects, but will gain meaning.
This is the case with Vesa's work.
Each painting is a work in itself. It has a history. It is not a mixture of paints, but a creation of reality as seen through the eyes of the artist.
Everyone expresses something different.

When visiting the gallery, it is not enough to just browse through the paintings. The fingers automatically click on each of then to see the works in higher resolution. They must definitely look amazing in the physical version.

In the RAW Gallery I was most impressed by the EXILED I-III series and the story told in the background that inspired the artist to create this work.
It is pierced of her the sadness of a woman wronged by Puritan law, which forbids what every human being should be guaranteed: the right to freedom.

Another picture that impressed me is FILMSTAR. It shows the face of a beautiful woman. Fame and success paid for with enormous sadness and fatigue.

preview not available


In the ARTEVO Gallery I find LIONESS, A RISE TO POWER, ASSIMILATE UBIQUITOS and what I would like to see on the wall in my living room, i.e. the hypnotic EQUUS FERRUS CABALLUS

preview not available


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In the SHARE Gallery, I was most impressed by WOW, which opens up a view of the world. Basically I like all the jobs, but I stayed longer with GOLDEN PATH, EMOJI, VELOCITY, STAY ON THE BOAT THAT FLOATS and EVERYTHING MEANS SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Yeah! they are great!

preview not available


The entire Gallery is "patronized" by the FLOWER OF LIFE - a work worthy of Michelangelo.

     So I continue my tour of the Vesa Gallery and the author's question about which painting I like the most remains open ;))

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Aakash Baloch
02 Mar

Wow very beautiful pieces of art.

These are really amazing. Watching these art piece in meusum will be really amazing

We should visit such art galleries and appreciate the artist.


Agnieszka (Aarona) Krgl
05 Mar

Yes, Vesa is an outstanding artist. Unique. The gallery is well designed. Visiting on Gallery is really a great pleasure for the viewer.


asma noor
03 Mar

Wow very beautiful portions of art.

These are genuinely amazing. Watching those art piece in meusum can be surely outstanding

We should go to such art galleries and admire the artist.


Samuel Favour
03 Mar

Wow,what an incredible art piece,keep the light shining







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