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Like seriously babe? So this how it ends? This is how all the effort go into drain? She asked him despite silence sobs. What do you want me to do. What dk you want me to say? Huh? What? He retorted I'm so tired of having to explain myself to every damn time. Babe I'm tired of your insecurities. Why don't you trust me? Huh? Why? 

I am sorry. But i wish you did understand that somtimes it is just so hard to trust you. I try you but it just prove to be difficult. She replied that Mary and Tom has been love birds for a long time. Like every normal relationship they have thier own fair share of fight. Though it seems like today the temperature escalate quickly. She is afraid she might lise the only guy she did truely adores. Tim on the other is afraid that his queen might decide to quit. 

Babe Mary called out. You know i love you right? All i ask for is that you trust me. Babe just give me a chance to love you fully. Alright babe but before then there's somthing i must say. Tim promise me that from today onwards we will always deal with the issues and not the persons. I love you so much baby girl and i cannot afford to lose you. Just do this for me. 

Tim made this request known amd Mary nodded in agreement. 

Thank You babe for leading us. You're such and amazing guy. I love you so much and i have utmost respect for you. Mary said to the man she so much adored. 

Tim then stood up and walk to where she was. They had been having this intimate conversation at the palour in Tim's house. Babe i need to show you somthing very important. He said has he pulled her inside headed to his inner room. What exactly babe? You know i hate surprises darling. She said in return babe it's nothing you can't handle, you trust me, right? So be a good girl and follow me 

Mary followed her man leading to the slutter house. On the other hand Tim was ready to travel with his girlfriend to the moon and back. They got inside and before Mary knew it she was pinned to the wall with hands sliding down amd his lips claimed hers and curtain falls💋



Emmanuel Isang
07 Mar

Hmmmmmm 🤔....there must be continuation in your write-up.... because I know something fishy is gonna happen....since he want to surprise her 


Endeme Tariah
07 Mar

Without trust a relationship cannot is an important ingredient in any human's necessary we don't make people lose trust in us, because when trust is lost its difficult to come back.







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