"The Magical Dress from Mr. E" - Uptrennd City Game Mission 10 Completed

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"Ugggghhh!!! Who are these trying to disturb my sleep in the wee hours of the night?!!!" I must have said that out loud, even though I was still half-asleep because Baby DJ jolted in his sleep.

I turned my bedside lamp on and unplugged my phone from the charger, then swiped the phone screen. The phone lit up and showed 10 new messages and 5 missed calls from Ti-Elle. I quickly scrolled down to check who sent me the text messages.

DoubleE: "Hey, Ee Vee, I'm not going to play Scrabble on Lexulous this week. We have a party to go to on Friday. I better get ready for that. Oh, you might want to go to Ti-Elle's house ASAP. Really urgent."

Zee Dee: "I don't know what the deal is with Mr. E, but come to Ti-Elle's house. She'll explain more."

Es Ey: "Ee Vee, can you come with me to the Ball on Friday? I'm not sure what to do, but since you're good at guessing game, maybe you can help me with some clues. I'm awaiting your reply."

Ti-Elle: "Come to my house. Now. New mission. Hurry!"

"Please call 321, You have 5 new voicemail messages."


"Hello, hello, Ti-Elle! Long time no see. I came here as soon as I read ALL of your text messages. They were very alarming. What was it all about?" I said as I opened the door, without even checking whether Ti-Elle was home or not.

But guess what I found? Ti-Elle's living room was jam-packed, and there were more people in the kitchen and dining room, too. Yikes! Immediately, I felt embarrassed. Well, because I didn't even bother changing clothes. I wore my pajamas to her house.

As soon as Ti-Elle saw me, she got up from her chair, picked a large gold-wrapped box from the coffee table, and then she handed the box to me. She whispered, "Hey, that's okay. I'm not also dressed to the nines." She giggled. "This gift is for you from Mr. E. Go and try it on. The bathroom is on the left. Then right after, come back to the living room. We want to see you."

Ti-Elle. Always discerning. She must have noticed my sudden awkwardness.

I clutched the large box in my hand so tightly. My hands were shaking as I reluctantly went to Ti-Elle's bathroom. I didn't know why I felt nervous even though I knew what was in the gift box anyway. It's just a dress! "Don't be silly, Ee Vee!" I said, trying to reassure myself that there was nothing to be anxious about. That along with the gift was a new mission, and no matter how hard it would be, I would be able to accomplish it. And that Mr. E would not give an intricately wrapped gift for each one of us if he meant all of us harm. Or would he?

But, uh-oh! Something was not right with this dress! No, erase that. Something was not right with this dress! Are you kidding me? This dress is like no other! It's magical!

I hurriedly went to the living room where Ti-Elle and some of the gamizens were completely absorbed in each other's conversations. "Guuuuuyyyyyyssssssss!!!!" I hollered. At once, the room became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Everyone looked in my direction, at me, which made me extremely self-conscious. Again.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shout. But I was just so excited about this dress Mr. E gave me. I am a size 12 now but look, this dress is size 8, which was my size before becoming pregnant two years ago. But can't you see, it fits so perfectly in me!!! I can't believe it! And hey, I'm not tucking my tummy in. I can still breathe."

"Wow! That's amazing!" Es Ey remarked, but did I hear a different tone in his voice? I wasn't sure whether he meant it or he was being sarcastic. To hide my embarrassment, I just simply said, "I know right! This is just so cool. Thank you, Mr. E!!! What a way to pamper me! I love it!!!"

"So now we're all here, and we've opened all our gifts, let's get on with the more important stuff," Ti-Elle said. As usual, she was focused. Her eyes were always on the goal.

"So Mr. E is giving us more clues to the location of some fancy ball!!  All week long, we get prepared - and then Friday - we party!" Ti-Elle continued.

"Hmmmm I don't get it."  Zee Dee said quietly, rubbing her fingers over her chin.  "Why is this person treating us to so many things?  What's the deal!"

"Why question it?  I'm ready to party!!" Eekay Gee piped up with excitement. 

"I think Mr. E appreciates all of us and he shows his appreciation by pampering us," Bee Dee said, but not convincingly.

"Will he order a limousine to pick us all up and take us to this fancy ball? I wonder," Es Ey sneered.

"Haha!!! That would be even nicer. But seriously, guys, I think Mr. E is just really impressed by how much we're so committed to making Uptrennd City a better place, considering how miserable we found it before we decided to choose a land here," I said as a matter of factly.
"I mean, aren't we happy we're receiving all these gifts? I guess we can repay him by completing each mission that he asks us to do. As for me, I'm just happy with my dress, and wherever this fancy ball is going to be, I'll be there! I'm  ready to party, too.!!!"

This is my entry to @Tiger Lily's Uptrennd City: The Game || Mission 10 Mr.E Returns.

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Agaga Julius
23 Feb

This dress is just your size without doubt. And the colour is amazing. Mr E gave you a perfect gift who happened to be use for party. This is great.


Elizabeth V
23 Feb

Thank you, @Agaga!  I love the dress!!!


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
23 Feb

The dress is good with the colour  and it is such a light lovely dress but as you have said I don't know the reason why you said magical dress but I think it is truely magical.


Elizabeth V
23 Feb

Thanks for stopping by, @Ogunleye. But I did mention why the dress was magical.


Jessica Ossom
23 Feb

Wow, interesting.

What was your experience using the app?

Was it confusing, hard or easy?

To me, youve perfectly completed ma'am tiger's story, now I can't wait to read morrreeeee!!


Elizabeth V
23 Feb

Hi @Jessica! Thanks for stopping by. 

Bitmoji app is easy and fun to use.  Not confusing at all.  Are you having trouble with the app?


24 Feb

Wow! Amazing! Firstly I'm so carried away with the way you formatted your post on mission 10, you've done a great justice to the post ma'am👏👏

Waiting Patiently to see what Mr.E , but just like you said, he will definitely give us the reward for what we do, just wish I could know who Mr.E was , I'm still curious about it.

Your dress is looking good on you, I love the purple color, with the hair.☺️☺️, Can't wait to see you that day


Elizabeth V
24 Feb

Thank you, @Mary Jacy! I appreciate your comment. Me too, I really wanna know who this mysterious Mr. E is. Hehe... Will he ever reveal to us? Or will he remain in the dark? 

Thanks again, I really like my dress! I wish I could wear something like this in real life again. hehehe...


Ifiok Eso
23 Feb

Wow, your dress is incredible. I like your choice of combination of colours. It makes it look so unique and good on you. God on and enjoy yourself dear..


Elizabeth V
23 Feb

Thank you @Ifiok. I will surely have a ball!


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