The love Triangle...

I am stuck in the web of love

What do I do? Where do I go?

Should I follow my heart or my head? this leaves me in a delimma...

Kidd looks so good, cute,

handsome, rich and attractive.

A typical example of my spec


I am physically attracted to him but not mentally, everytime I see him, I just want to hold, kiss and cuddle him.

He's such a flirt but I don't care, I feel so tickled around him, he makes me do silly things and i enjoy it.

Laycon on the other hand is a typical example of intelligence. Love his mental strength and level of wisdom, my run to buddy, I always want to be around him, have conversations with him, share my thoughts with him and learn from his wealth of knowledge.

I am mentally attracted to Laycon but he has developed a strong feelings for me, I feel thesame way about him but I dont find him attractive, he's not my spec, I don't see myself crossing the border with him (love entanglement)

Laycon want to be more than a friend but I don't want to, I like him so much, I don't want to lose him but there is Kidd on the other hand who I want to be with even though I know he's just flirting, I enjoy making out with him.

I am in the web of love, what do I do? Look beyond the physical and be with Laycon or follow my spec who brings out the silliness in me ( i enjoy every bit of my time with him)?

Laycon wants space which I am not willing to give, I feel responsible for hurting his feelings but I can't help not to be with Kidd. 

I want the both of them but I can only have one, kidd doesn't care about Laycon being around me but Laycon can't stand Kidd touching and kiss me.

What do I do? Ebuka said, I can't eat my cake and have it. Ahahahahah

Storyline inspired from bbnaijalockdown.

What are your thoughts on Erica's triangle?




George Dee
10 Aug

I am not a fan of bbnaijalockdown but I am familiar with the name Laycon due to the hype at the beginning of the show. 

My view about the story outside the bbnaija world is that Love is tricky and a little mistake can make that happy heart become a sad one. 

I choose Laycon because I can't stand a flirting spouse, a flirting spouse to me as no regard for the relationship. The other guy would definitely hurt me and I am not sure if he will embrace the change in my heart 



Real Demilade
10 Aug

She knew this before they started flirting. She made her choice. How can you be mentally attached to someone and make out in their presence.



Hillary Powers
10 Aug

Most times, it's good that nature doesn't give us what we want. Instead, we're given what we need. Erica wants Kidd, alright. But we know Kidd will eventually end up using and dump her. Her best bet is definitely Laycon. There is more than meets the eye, you know.



Xofo Miles
10 Aug

Erica want to eat her cake and keep it just like Ebuka said

She is really confused i would say

She wants to keep both men to herself

I think Kidd is just flirting with her as part of his game plan and making her think they in love

Laycon's love seems more genuine



Akintunde Hussein
10 Aug

Wow. This is amazing and beautifully constructed 🤩

This is the first time that I would see you do justice to creative writing.

Anyway, I believe that you should just follow your heart, but take your head with you.

Just be with someone that you believe will bring the best out of you so in this case, just be with Laycon because he's got all the ingredients you need in a man 



Auto Villez
10 Aug

From the beginning I knew this story has something to do with those bbnaija housemates. Erica is in a very tough situation, only her knows what she wants so she has to make the decision and stand by it



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