The Level Of Trust

How do people see you? How much trust do they have in you?

​What is your level of trust on others? 

What am I trying to say? Read this story to understand it better. 

Frank and Jake were good friends who lived together and does everything together. They helped each other in almost everything that people even thought they were brothers but the were not. A neighbor living close to them became really jealous of their friendship as they were too close to each other that they don't mingle with him. 

One day Frank went out to work while Jake stayed home to prepare food and arrange their room, Jake was the boss of his business so he mostly do his work from home. This didn't make any difference between the two friends, they loved each other unconditionally. While Frank was out, their neighbor came to Jake and started a conversation with him which Jake tried to keep short as he had a lot of work to do. Just as Jake was about to stop the conversation, his neighbor said something 

"Do you know that your friend Frank is not happy that you are a boss and he is not?" 

Jake stared at him and got angry for saying such lie against his friend. Jake's words felt like cold water on his neighbor 

"Frank is not that kind of person, I can never believe he would think that. He loves me and I love him like that, we have better things to jealous about and not this". 

The neighbor felt ashamed and left his house. But he still didn't learn his lesson, he decided to break the two friends apart through Frank as he thought Frank would be more subtle to believe him. He waited for a time when Jake wasn't around, and he said to Frank 

"Do you know that Jake don't like you living with him? He says that you are too low in class to be his friend but he has been pretending to be your friend". 

Frank shouted at him and warned him never to say such thing again. The neighbor saw that they trust in themselves so much but he still didn't end there. One day while Frank and Jake were at home having snacks and watching a movie, a lady came knocking at their door. Jake went to the door and asked who she is and she said she is a prostitute from a club that Frank didn't pay for her service the last time he was there. Jake was surprised, he had never thought his friend was that kind of a person but then he allowed the lady in and allow her to talk to Frank herself believing that she was laying a huge accusation on his friend. 

When Frank saw her, he asked Jake who she is and Jake knew then that the lady was really lying. He kicked her out and warned her to go do better things instead of trying to break people's friendship apart. The neighbor was then convinced of their trust and that he was only wasting his time, he asked for forgiveness and they forgave him.

​From the story I believe you understand what I am trying to say.


  • Always try to do the right thing.

  • ​Be sure to keep the trust people have in you.

  • ​Do not let false words break a trust you have on someone. 

  • ​Also don't ever try to break a friendship with false accusation. 

  • ​Keep your friendship true and keep the trust strong.

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Atanda Davido
23 Jan

Some strong level of trust in display here, I wish we all had someone so trusted like this, know your friend and what they can do please


Merit Ahama
23 Jan

Trust once found on a true foundation, it stays strong and good friends stay forever with trust. 


Oneray I.
23 Jan

Finding this kind of situation in daily life would be wonderful!

Such a degree of trust is very little seen in a friendship and I would dare to say that it is not common within a relationship. Even, if this situation seems to be an exception in life, it should be the rule to follow.


Merit Ahama
23 Jan

Yeah it's hard to find but we strive to have such trust among ourselves to keep our friendships strong and true. 


Shakeel Abbas
23 Jan

Trust is a good habbit. We should trust that persons how close you. Relation makes strong with trust. Your post is very lessonful for us


Merit Ahama
23 Jan

Thanks @shakeel for finding my post full of lesson 🙂 trust has a great part of every relationship. 


Adeleye Abdulqudus
23 Jan

Story story... Once upon a time. Hahaha. 

Thanks God it doesn't have a part two. Lol. I am yet to finish the part two of scars. 

yeah you gave a great lesson out of this story. As I can relate to it. How I lost a friend of mine due to false advice and lack of trust. He could trust me and leaked out the secret between us to others. And till today we are no more the same person we used to be. 

Great lesson ahama


Merit Ahama
23 Jan

🤭 I hope you are not trying to say I like writing stories 🙂well I love stories telling😁

I already posted the last part of that story so you should make out time for it. 

Am sorry anoyt you and your friend but I believe you've learnt your lessons already. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


Benazir Ibrahim
23 Jan

This is a great story and a good lesson in fact. A person knows how much you trust and protect them when you respect them even when they are absent.

I would do the same. Even if I was tempted to believe, I would dismiss the person then confront my friend privately later. Nice one dear.


Merit Ahama
23 Jan

Indeed it's a great lesson to build up our trust and keep it strong. 

I am glad to know your say about this, it's cool. 







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