The law as the last hope of the common man?

The Judiciary is one of the law enforcement agency of a nation and their key duty is to interpret the law as well as  uphold justice.

The Judiciary is suppose to be an independent arm,one that's devoid of any interference from the    Executive and legislative arm of the government.

This would have giving them the right and space to freely uphold the law to the highest order.

Unfortunately the Executive arm of government has not giving room for the judiciary to uphold justice as they constantly overrides the judgments giving by the judiciary hence giving no room for the common man to stand a chance of getting justice nor be protected by the law.

This has been one outstanding challenge the judiciary has faced in recent years hence having no power to fight corruption as they should have.

The court is suppose to be the last hope of the common man where his right can be protected and his life saved from the many atrocities by the highly placed corrupt leaders and laymen.

Nowadays in Nigeria for instance, corruption has ruined all chances of the law vindicating and being the hope of the common man.

It is more like a dream than of a reality and this has constantly endangers the lives of the common man.

Sadly the Judicial system is now being influenced and run by the power of those in top government offices.

Even the lawyers now have little or now say in the final judgments of cases as they give verdict to Favour only those at the top.

Adhering to the rule of law is nothing but a mere saying as even the top men now rules an decide who win cases and who losses.

Upholding human rights is almost impossible now days unlike in past years and it is safe to say that human right has greatly be trampled on.

Something that needs to be look into.

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Zaighum Usman
26 Jan

Law should be same for the rich and poor... As justice is a base of prosperous society


Raazi Khan
26 Jan

Its true somehow. We just seek.justice from law nnd higher authoritoes when we unable to getbit from people around.


KimJoe Abara
26 Jan

I learned something about equality of the law iny Civic class..

But it seems it doesn't apply in life..

But it's supposed to be so..

We are supposed to be all equal before the law.. and justice is supposed to be served at all times


Olaniyi Ogundele
26 Jan

The law has no respect for anyone, No one is above it. 


Hope Olere
06 Feb

This should be looked into because no body actually should be above the law and thus everybody should be equal to the law and the judiciary has to come up to fight in order to protect the the rights of it's citizens







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