You have gone away from our old love, back to where we were just two strangers ...

 Dear me - who used to go through love with me!

 How long has it been, since the day we were nothing in each other?  You have gone away from our old love, step back where we were just two strangers.  You still live well and happy, right?  I'm still the same, still waiting, still waiting, even though the rainy seasons have passed ...

 Love someone, then give up on someone.  Forget someone, then forget someone  Appreciate someone, then hurt someone.  Love someone, learn to forget a life ... Is everything just around like that, right?

 The love in this life is too big and immense, but that doesn't mean someone has to be all of them forever.  We are born with the remaining half of our soul missing, passing days is also the time to continue on the path of assembling it completely.  There will be the wrong pieces in the countless pieces we come across, until one day we find the perfect puzzle for half of our life.  That day we called each other love ...

 So you are the puzzle piece I found wrong?  Or forever is never true ...

 Love is like the childhood chase we used to play, with one follower and one runner.  Maybe the two of you will meet and stop together forever, if they're really a half of each other.  But sometimes, they stop together, then have to continue chasing someone else, because the person they have been looking for in this lifetime has yet to appear.  Is there ever a love?  When the front runner kept running fast, and the follower was exhausted but still couldn't keep up ...

 "You are the wind, you are the grass. The grass can not catch up with the wind no matter how wide it is ..." Isn't that right?

 So you are the puzzle piece I found wrong?  Or forever is never true ...


 Still busy playing

 You are thin


 Last frozen fiber

 Long day

 Wait for the sun to shine

 Shoulder slopes


 You are there

 There is still no

 Please give me some


 I said I will love you forever.  Yet now the road has been divided into two.  He walked away, without a minute or a second looking back.  I'm alone with unnamed memories, memories that are really hard to forget.  You are not different from the wind and sunshine days.  Tears just poured out to blow away the strong shell.  Only tears left.  And the night.

 Could it be, really, I'm not the person I'm looking for?

 Meet you, love you, then struggle in pain for you ... I still named it fate.  Can anyone resist the cycle of fate ... Don't worry because I'm fine.  Losing a loved one is painful, but neglecting someone who loves you to the fullest is pain.  Please rest assured to continue on the path that brought me ... Remember to be truly happy!

 One day, that day will not be far away.  I will realize you are just a wind that unintentionally cools my life.  Then I will slowly step out of the corner of your heart, and leave your heart, forever ...

 It will be the last monsoon season

 The wind is over

 Slightly shaking his head to destroy the memory

 It will be the last monsoon season

 The wind is over

 Love fade

 I pay the wind

 Come on ...

 I do not know when my nostalgia will subside, when my love will fade away.  Just know that I will never say I love someone forever.  Because someone has taken "forever" of you so far ...

 You know what?



RinNy Mboro
22 Oct

Love could be very complicated,when we love there's always that feeling of nostalgia,that feeling that confuses us if we want to let go or not,we have to love week when we love and let go entirely when the love is no more


Saira Kakar
22 Oct

Love is an beautiful relation all world stand on the base of love we have to not leave feeling of love if its old old love is more stronger than new love


Comfort Ibrahim
22 Oct

When you fall in love with your missing ribs,it will be painful when it is not hurts alot, so we must go to our first love and compliments the feeling s of the other and never neglect his love or forget the memories.But always remember to make each other happy.







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