The Journey is What it's all About: 100k Subscribers Milestone for Uptrennd

Less than a year....

It's hard for me to believe, but I've been on Uptrennd for less than a year! It feels like it's been twice that long since I was tipped a 1UP token by Elena that fateful day in June 2019. But no, it's only been close to 11 months. And wow, look how far we have all come!

We all started in different places with our Uptrennd journeys. Some of us were complete noobs to the crypto scene. Some were already experts at trading and managing crypto. That's where Uptrennd was born, was with a mind towards creating a social media platform with new core values that placed the user ahead of the profits. 

That's rare in today's world, for those that aren't sure about it.

When I was finding my way around Telegram, and was more interested in the airdrops and new investment possibilities on the sub-$.01 side of things, I happened across a Telegram room we all might know, The Tipping Room TTR. I thought to myself, "Cool! This seems like a great place to earn a few tokens when I'm bored!" And so I began to participate in trivia and games there.

It just so happened that Elena was crushing around one day and I don't even remember why, but she tipped me a 1UP token. I had never seen this before,  and had a pretty good idea of what was typically dropped in TTR. So I asked here what that token was, and Voila! I was introduced to Uptrennd!

From there it was a haphazard journey that started with me only posting non-OC content, such as articles about VeChain or some other project I was interested in. From there, as I got more comfortable, I tried my hand at OC and got a few corrections from Steve and Elena hahaha. We all start somewhere!

Luke and Jeff were both awesome mentors as well, and Luke is always in good spirits and excited about Uptrennd as he was the social community manager for Uptrennd, and he got me excited about it as well!  At the time, I was unsure if I would have the time.i wanted to be able to spend on Uptrennd each week, but I finally found a good balance and made it work.

Now, I am blessed to be able to be a part of the Uptrennd team and help others as Steve and Elena once helped me. The team I am lucky to work with are all dedicated to making Uptrennd a better place. The brilliant support for the Uptrennd community is where this all started for me, and I fully believe that's what will take Uptrennd to success far down the road!

I wish everyone here a happy journey with Uptrennd, and we are here to support you 10p% in your quest for higher quality content creation! So, as always.....

Keep on Uptrennding!


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Segun Charles
05 May

Its such a great achievement. Jeff has done so perfectly well. We are happy.


preview not available Lucas S
05 May

So much more to come as well! 


Emir Can Yılmaz
05 May

nice content you should stay on this site. There's always support.


preview not available Lucas S
05 May

I think I will stay here haha


funky money
05 May

I can relate with you here, my bad I had to leave for a few months and came back to see the uptrennd community going from strength to strength. I missed out a lot here, now during this lockdown, I can uptrennd and I have decided to keep going and hold on my coins here and maybe deposit some in future. Thanks to all the moderators and jeff for the work they put on promoting the website.


preview not available Lucas S
05 May

Hey!!! Welcome back!!

I saw your name and that was the first thing I though, I hadn't seen your name in quite a while in the feed or commenting on my posts! It good to see you back on, and wow so much has changed! I'll see you around for sure!


Muhammad Sarwar
05 May

Yes, we  support to uptrennd 100% in his quest for higher quality content creation and make it nomber one plate farm among all social media.


preview not available Lucas S
05 May

If the community wants it to be, it will be! That's the power of the people...


Mohammad Wasi
05 May

Yes Lucas I'm also the witness that a year before we were few members but it's in 1 year duration we cross 100k marks no doubt it's great achievement congrats to all...!


preview not available Lucas S
05 May

True enough! If we keep the end goal in sight, we can help shape the future!







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