How long will they be neglected?

How long will the underrating attitude continue?

When will be they be heard?

When will the hidden voice be unveiled?.........


So many dreams have been killed just because no concern was shown about it, the encouragement was there to make them move on and their enthusiasm was lost. The voice of the youth should be heard, they should be allowed to achieve their goals by supporting them in their dreams.

So many dreams have been killed just because no concern was shown about it, the encouragement was there to make them move on and their enthusiasm was lost. The voice of the youth should be heard, they should be allowed to achieve their goals by supporting them so that their dreams will be accomplished.

How will the dreams be accomplished

It can only be done if the youth are given all the support they need to carry out their potential.

They need encouragement: encouraging them will make them gain self-confidence and also believe in themselves. If children are being discouraged about their dreams or what they want to do they feel so nervous to do anything.

When youths are allowed to express themselves, they will always feel the joy within and they will always try as much as put in their best on whatever they want to do.

Support them: in a society where you the youth are trying to make a difference, they should be supported, it might be financially or whichever way it can be, the support given to them will strengthen them and they'll have the confidence to do more than expected.

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preview not available Hamid Owaisi
28 Feb

Our youth will become the future genaration and thats why its a matter of great concern that they should be handled with great care and responsibility . They deserve good appreciation for their talents , encouragement for their skills and a constant support for their dreams to become true. Youth dreams should be prioritized and opportunities should be provided for their better moral development.


28 Feb

Hi @HaMid ,nice contribution from you, I'm thrilled with your comment , if all what you said is being done that way, without no doubt , we will make a good foundation for the upcoming youths.

Yeah, they need to be appreciated for what they do, that will encourage them to do better, and if they don't get the encourage to drive them. The dream will be left unachieved. Thanks for your comment.


Lubna Rao
27 Feb

Your are right...!

If we don't complete our dreams or desire then how will we lead our children. 

Basically a parents are the role model for the children. First of all we do a lot of work upon us and make a standard in this world by believing on ourselves and never give up. 

We look inside and show our talent just focus and hardworking.  


28 Feb

Yeah parents can also serve as an example to their children, not only parents we too we can contribute our own part in helping this little one to achieve their dreams.

When we don't support them with what they need , it possible they will not achieve their dream, we should not discourage them but either we should encourage them.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
28 Feb

Young people need support, in order to fulfill their dreams, every adult must think that one day they were also young and that at this age there is a lot of energy, a lot of expectations, a lot of desire to get ahead and adults have a duty to support youth, for the good and progress of society


28 Feb

Nothing but the real truth, adult are once like the little children and I believe they no more than them , we are to impact the knowledge we have to them in other for them to fulfill their dreams.

It is at the tender age they need inspiration the most just like you said, because they will they will always work hard to make people around them to believe in what they can do.

Sir ,I appreciate you for stopping by to make contribution to my post , it means alot to me.


preview not available etson arrantes
28 Feb

Creating self confidence in children is something very hard.. You need to trust them but we should remember that they could make mistakes easily..


28 Feb

You're right sir, children are bound to make mistake due to they are ignorant about what they don't know, though everyone too make mistakes . But in the case  of this children also, if we are always there for them , we will always correct any mistake they make and guide them to the right path.

Building self confidence in children will make that child to be determined in achieving his/her dream , as you have said , it not easy but Rome is not built in a day, it a gradul process.

I appreciate your for your comment, it my pleasure 🤩🤩


Suman Naz
27 Feb

Sir, I agree with you.

Every person has a dream and we should encourage him so that he can fulfill his dreams. There are some people who have a lot of talent in them, but because of their lack of encouragement, this is why he cannot fulfill his dreams.And they are left behind in life.We need to encourage as much of our young breed as possible  


28 Feb

Nothing but truth, there are so many youths out there that need me and you to make their dreams to be realistic.

We should not make their potential to die off, if we work on them now, it will be of great benefits to them and to the community.


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