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30 Apr
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The First Uptrennd Halvening is Now LIVE!

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Tosyne2much Adekola 3 weeks ago

This is a  beautiful initiative 

I have always thought of we having a halving for 1UP, so it will become difficult to mine and this will give the token more value. Now, the halving is going to reduce the inflation and this will have a positive effect, and we all will watch how the price would move up rapidly

However, with 55% halving, it will get harder and 1UP will become more scarce which is the beginning and the end of seeing people sell a large amount of 1UP in the market 

If you are wise enough, you should be very active from now till the halving will take place and you should try to hoard as many 1UP as you can 

Long live Uptrennd ✌️

Sanni Horlas 3 weeks ago

Hmmm I think this would make a lot of sense!👍

Owodunni Aremu 3 weeks ago

Nice post very motivate

Peter Faith 3 weeks ago

Wow your brain is calculating in the right manner of course yes so this will lead uptrennd to be that city of treasure we are dreaming about

Ndianabasi Tom 3 weeks ago

So, you are suggesting we cease levelling up for the time being?

StephenNevets Art 3 weeks ago

You clearly are not new to this game of crypto man. I just got serious and I'm glad Jeff is giving us an heads up right now.... I have been having a feeling for a few days that something will be done soon to decrease the amount of tokens in circulation and I'm not so shocked seeing this

All hands on deck now - double your hustle. 

That's the way to go about it now

Eurogee Chukwuka 3 weeks ago

It can only get better! 

Lois Stark 3 weeks ago

This is positive, to save growth, but the problem persists, the 1% continues to accumulate the wealth of growth. and 99% struggle to do so, We have a problem with, We have a problem with whales.

Osato Jegede 3 weeks ago

The beauty about the Uptrennd is more expressly seen in the tokenomics and invariably  the deflationary character of the 1up tokens. I'm should all be excited to experience the first Uptrennd halving, definitely with it in view, the 1up will continually maintain the deflationary character that will impact the market value of the 1up. Hopefully with more adoption, we can all rejoices the more as more and more halving will be experienced. 

Dtwo Oladimeji 3 weeks ago

This is very amazing. One of the reasons I love Uptrennd is the fact that it is backed by a unique tokenomy model which help to sustain the price of the 1UP token. I really like this idea as it will help give scarcity to the token and build the value of 1Up token. This is amazing. 

Ndianabasi Tom 3 weeks ago

1,000,000,000 circulating supply of 1 UP was quite high. Halvening it will reduce its circulating supply which will lead to a little scarcity therefor increasing the token's price.

Kris JS 3 weeks ago

The halvening won't reduce its circulating supply, it will reduce the rate of new tokens entering the market. 

Ndianabasi Tom 3 weeks ago

Very much noted, Kris.

Thank you for the clarification

Lucas S  3 weeks ago

Yes, big difference there

EngrSamest . 3 weeks ago

As its clearly sighted and experience, halving always welcome in an increase in the price action of a commodity (assets) the more we experience halving the more the security and the more the value. This is a welcome idea. Bravo to uptrennd team.

Ejimadu Onyedikachi 3 weeks ago

I think I understand a little of what you saying..

This means that instead of 1 token For an upvote, it has become 0.45 per upvote hope I'm correct.







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