The First Major Problem In Marriage

You in Economic Crisis

There is economic problem all over the world. The third world countries are worst hit because they carry great financial burden. In Nigeria,as in most developing countries, the financial crisis is unbearable yet the family members must eat no matter the situation. 

The women bear the burnt of these economic problems. Due to Global economic recession,husbands laid off at work. They no longer serve as bread winner.The family becomes financially unstable while these husbands become emotionally disturbed. 

Children who have finished schooling are not employed and this results into emotional disturbance among the youths. This situation eventually breeds violence in the homes and at times leads to break up of family 

A study confirmed that lack of money is the first major problem in marriage and another study affirms that money causes fight. 

Like davido will say :" Love is sweet, when Money enter Love is sweeter"

Reno affirms to it when he said: Love is the glue that holds a marriage together and money is what makes that glue strong. There must first be love, then there should also be money. Money can’t buy love. But, that does not mean that poverty can buy love. Money makes love sweeter! 

To redeem this situation, women engage in all sorts of business in order to sustain the family. Most women therefore age very early in life. In view hard times, a master plan might be to adopt the Biblical advice of Proverb 21:6 which is " plan carefully and you will have plenty. If you act too quickly, you will never have enough. " Timothy 6:8 advises us that if we have food and clothing we will be content.

Having heard these Biblical injunctions, women ought to address themselves to food and clothing for the family. 

Other measures to adopt survival include; 

1.Ask yourself three vital questions before you anything other than food: Is it necessary? Can i afford it ? Can i do without it? 

2. Avoid buying on credit as much as you can. One woman remarked: "When it us time to settle my credit,i always feel terrible. It is just as if i gave that money away."

3. Avoid comparison and competition. Do not buy articles because others have bought. To try to compete with others will make you spend the money you do not have, and buy things you do not really need.

4. Spend only on the basic essentials. Remember it took you time to earn that money. Find out price from several sources before buying.

5. Make a budget as guide and religiously to it. In addition, remember to shop with cash,don't pile up debts. Lessen your tension.

6. Make your clothes as much as you can to curb excessive charges by the tailors. 

7.Do all your washing in the home. Only very delicate materials could go to cleaners.

8. Buy with a group in bulk for it saves you some money.

9. Travel long distance with public van to prolong the life of your car. Avoid buying costly drinks, clean water is always better. If you can't buy meat,buy vegetables and crayfish. 

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Mughal Mirza
12 Aug

 crisis hit marriage life most so it is necessary that both partners should manage their financial situation by cooperation


Sajjad Abdullah
12 Aug

A very big problem that's far marriage is money


Fidel Mboro
12 Aug

This points are nothing but the truth 

I also agree to the fact that economic problems are first when it comes to that 


El Salvadore
13 Aug

These are hit tips and I don't think anyone that follows it will be found wanting in terms of money handling...

Money has stemmed to be the problem many marriages experience today and and it's just so sad that that even at that many don't wanna recieve the simple cute to to the issues. ...

Your number five though is the best hit point there because with out budget will be wasted and spent carelessly


ujala noor
13 Aug

I don't think money is a major issue for  happy marriage life

 I see many families having lot of wealth but are not happy and the families spend a happily life having  money just for their living with my own eyes a







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