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The Final - Banano & Treos

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Daniel Spiteri 4 months ago

Good Luck folks !  Regardless of who wins this is great exposure for both platforms.  With all said and done, we’d be happy to chat with the Banano team to about listing BAN on the TREOS Platform.  TREOS is all about supporting the entire crypto and blockchain industry, so If you would like some further exposure and utility don’t be afraid to ask.  The more people choosing to use crypto over fiat the better it is for all of us. 

We maybe going head to head but at the end of the day there’s no reason we can't work together. 

ATH ATL 4 months ago

Nice, but $TRO isn't on any exchange and it isn't even a blockchain as far as I can tell by my own research. Or am I wrong??

Jeff Schreiber 4 months ago

You need to do more research sir

We are licensed by the crypto regulatory authorities in Malta  Do you really think the government of a European Union nation would want anything to do with a scam?

Rico Tellbanian 4 months ago

I hear that Malta is a Home for some Money-laundering. This info was some days ago One of the employees of the Tax Control Unit was removed from his position to another Agency after information about his wife's involvement in money laundering surfaced. This became known thanks to the Panama papers. According to the data, the spouse was among the shareholders of the company, which was registered in the British virgin Islands. This is a tiny state that does not have natural resources or companies that bring income to the Treasury. This state lives at the expense of offshore companies. Most offshore companies do this illegally. 

Carlene Spiteri 4 months ago

Can you prove that. I don't think that is entirely true.
TREOS dosn't even have a physical address in Malta..

Maks Tolstov 4 months ago

You ask me? And want proof that TREOS registered at Malta? On this litle island for offshors and laundering money. Okey if you not reading website of treos , that i read and this from they site 

incorporated on 31 October 2018, as a private limited liability company, registered in terms 

of the Companies Act. The Issuer is domiciled in Malta and the principal object of the Issuer 

.....(long text) and read carefully

The Issuer is parented by TREOS Malta Ltd (TREOS Malta) (C88395), a holding company 

formed in Malta, 

Sarah Wyman 4 months ago

So true! We are all in the crypto space together- we're here to lift each other up and collaborate where we can! 🥰

Shulammite Emeghara 1 month ago

I so much agree with you it's time for us to make money masters of our life 👍

Ban Tano 4 months ago

Hi guys,

couldn't agree more, thanks for the kind and reasonable words! Also good luck to both from the BANANO team. I'm from the team so feel free to send me a message here or use the contact form at - BANANO is always open for collaborations whatsoever to bring the crypto space forward.

If you have a closer look you'll see BANANO is about helping people getting started responsibly with cryptocurrency and making handling crypto easier through education, intuitive user interfaces and gamification. So maybe both projects aren't that different from their attitude, I didn't check out Treos yet.

Looking forward to hear from you, let's enjoy the race ;)

Jeff Schreiber 4 months ago

Ban Tano - I am also part of team TREOS  As we grow we anticipate a massive involvement from so many in the crypto community worldwide. Our ecosystem and DAO is constructed as a blueprint for the new economy which will attract those who choose to step away from the corrupt dying fiat system - please read our analysis 

Japheth Adesi 4 months ago

TREOS is an economy built for everybody. If you have some btc, Eth, Bnb, eos, bch and ltc to spend or save to a stable token, the best place to go is TREOS. Buying and selling is profitable with a stable token anchored to a gram of gold, tro.Join us today and you will never regret it. TREOS MARKET place. Check it out.

Read more on the analysis.

Jerry Ban 4 months ago

1 banano = 1 banano always IT IS STABLE as well

Trance Suchao 4 months ago

Banano is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy.
if you want to shop online you can also visit 👉 and by the way the development of the banano store is from the banano community itself.
you can also see some products that have been sent safely and comfortably to all buyers on Twitter social media:

the banano community is amazing 😎

Sinio D' Cryptonianz 4 months ago

yeah, for me this is not a competition.. this is the beggining of the crypto partnership.. i vote TREOS because if banano coin will list on treos platform it will be use to purchase a stable coin called $TRO.. this is why crypto will become stable.. check and create account for free.. soon to be stable $BTC $BNB $ETH $LTC $EOS $BCH and hope $BAN.. lastly, TREOS and BANANO will grow together.

Joanne Duff 4 months ago

You should :)

Ken W 4 months ago

Well said.
These "maxi camp" postions in the industry are only what the rulers in the fiat world want..To divide and conquer. Dont fall for it.
Remember why blockchain and crypto was created for in the first place.
There are a lot of reasons why the current monetary system of finacial slavery is so broken, lets unite and work together on the solution.

Raju Ram 4 months ago

Well Said CEO 👍

Nirmal Pandey 4 months ago

I agree with ur advice 

Benedicta Antubam 4 months ago

Well said sir. God bless you!

Eric Ansah 4 months ago


Japheth Adesi 4 months ago

That's great of you. A sign of good sportsmanship. TREOS never lose. TREOS is for the world, it's for the people.

Vhickus Mendel 4 months ago

The Kevin De Bruyne of CEOs

The MVP of CEOs 

For the love of TREOS & crypto world. 

raydar initiatives 4 months ago

nice idea CEO, itwill be good for you guys to help promote the cypto sphere

Balvinder Suri 4 months ago

100% agree to that buddy.

TREOS - Future of Crypto Currency

Michael Ofori 4 months ago

Well said C.E.O

TREOS is for all. Is win, win for everyone. 

Cryptofit Pro 4 months ago

Yes, Its about Crypto adoption. 


Heath Darare 4 months ago

That is the spirit for sure. At the end of the day we want mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and obtain financial independence.

MyKeys MyBank 4 months ago

After seeing this Uptrennd thing over multiple social media accounts I had to dig deeper. Its blowing up.Seems like agreat addition to the cyrpto scene.
Looking into these 2 projects for the voting competition, it quickly became clear TREOS is excatly what many have been looking for. Another excellent project giving everyone an opportunity to escape the fiat world and use their various crypto as it was intended. To earn crypto, not buy it, to spend crypto not just trade it. I love you guys!

This needs to be shared widely and suported/used. Its the next logical step in mass adoption and real world use. Good luck team treos!

Anupkumar Bairagi 4 months ago

TREOS ROCK ✌️🥰✌️awesome CEO 

Nikhil Rajput 4 months ago

Awesome.... 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏

Esthy Dauph 4 months ago

49.52 I just made that vote treos for life 

Edmund Afriyie 4 months ago

“You can’t ‘half-own’ a currency. It’s not yours because it’s in your wallet. Unless you have a say in the development and the system that your currency fuels, someone has just re-created the injustices of today’s fiat landscape inside your computer.” Dan Spiteri

Bhim Dutt 4 months ago

Great 👍 wonderful


Ilse Romersa 4 months ago

Well said TREOS all the way

Jessica Appiah 4 months ago

Great one. Treos to the world 

M C 4 months ago

An upcoming crypto marketplace with a passionate community.
Lets beat FIAT marketplaces together and start shopping and selling on TREOS

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For the people, By the people!

Tsede Godknows 4 months ago

Exacto Perfecto 


Elijah Asante 4 months ago

The first person to the moon is always remembered but what of the second person to the moon?

Joe Average 4 months ago

i agree however i dont know how the rest of the comunity feels about it.

Enrique Austin 4 months ago

Yes indeed, all the crypto sphere wins from collaboration and synergy.

Bright Godwin Bonney 4 months ago

Been part or the Treos community is the best thing that can happen to anyone as there are lots of amazing opportunities. I’m able to pay my kids school fees this January, all thanks to Treos... long live TREOS... The Amazon of cryptocurrency is hereto stay!

Bright Godwin Bonney 4 months ago


YBully Ash 4 months ago

Mr Daniel I hail you🙌

If you hadn't brought about this project I would have had nothing to boast about🙏

Agnes Essien 4 months ago

Very good CEO

Treos is for ALL

Alex Diaz 4 months ago

You are right, my respects!!!

Jason Blank 4 months ago

Awesome words CEO, well said!! In my eyes, Treos is a Gamechanger! It is an Economy For The People! It will change lives and will impact everyone in so many positive ways!

BefMedia House 3 months ago

Encouraging and we have all made one of the best choices to better the world.

If it's not treos it can never be like treos...

Treos forever!!

Anderson Sasu 4 months ago


This is how to buy online.

This is how to sell online.

This is how to crypto.

Skyway Poster 4 months ago

I think  TREOS. will be the winner

Imo Clement Ekuma 4 months ago

BANANO is already leading.

I love banano

Ajala Junior 4 months ago

I am sorry to break this to you bro, Banano all the way

YBully Ash 4 months ago

I'm sorry to break this to you bro😉

#TREOS all the way😎

NYAME ANTHONY 4 months ago

TREOS is very unique in terms of E-commerce 


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