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The FBI plans more social media surveillance

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Elena Demou 6 months ago

I wouldn't doubt this to be honest! 

Maria R 6 months ago

So if they do start monitoring Uptrennd, I think we should take that as a badge of honor that we are significant enough of a trend-setter that we rank!  :)

Matthew Rosenquist 6 months ago

Absolutely!  They have a lot of social sites to choose from.  Why pick one that is dying? 

Alidervash Mirani 6 months ago

FBI is working against every Voice wich rase that is too bad thank you for post.

Luke Brenland 6 months ago

Haha awesome! let them come aslong as they buy some 1UP on the way in ;)

Matthew Rosenquist 6 months ago

Actually, I want them to CONTRIBUTE to the discussions!  They are people with their own perspectives as well.  They should be part of this melting pot.  


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