The person whom I used to watch each day, the person I forgot to blink my eyes at, and the person who is as close to my heart as the atoms are tightly packed in a solid matter. The person who gave me his hand to grow and walk, the person who used to call me “LADOO”, the person who used to cry when I was around him saying the words, “Don’t cry when I’ll be dead—I can’t see you crying”. The person who protects me while crossing roads, the person who never left my hand even on the death bed.

Life is so uncertain and so deadly, when you have to leave the world no one could stop you at the moment. When the time arrives, we have to depart from this world to another. Even If you do not wish to go you have to! Neither I nor you can stop anyone HUHHH! I just can’t stop him too—I wish I could but the deadly death didn’t saw the tears in my eyes. The deadly death didn’t see my shivering legs!


The person whom I admire, the person whom I adore, the person who’s my inspiration, the person who’ was my teacher, the person who was the keeper, and the person who was my money bank hehe!

These words are not enough to describe my love for him—but yes, he’s the most favorite person of my life. The person who will always stay with me in my memories and actions. 

--Still, I remember all the moments I spent with him—as he’s a part of Tehameee.

--Still, I remember the stories he used to tell—stories which I once consider real ones.

--Time flies so do the people but I have cut the wings of memories in which he was with me—

11 years have passed people come, stay, leave the stage of my life but still, he’s the best and most favorite part of my life.

--The Favorite Person--


This is my entry for Emaan Ali's giveaway--The favorite persons of my life






Umar Khan
14 Dec

Your entry is so great.God willing, your favorite person in your life is very honored and respected. Grandfather is always very respected for everyone..

May Allah grant long life to your grandfather..


𝐇unter 𝐒wati
14 Dec

Ohhh that's great and I appreciate your post dear

This is really great relationship and I really like it 😍

May Allah forgive all those who have passed away from this world till today. Ameen Suma Ameen ♥️

I am also part of this Contest and everyone like my post ♥️ 🙂

Best of luck for this great and wonderful Contest 🙂


Hafsa K
14 Dec

Money bank hehe!!

Well, our grandparents are always a better money bank than our parents!!

They give us more love and care than our parents.

They also tell us the stories. My grandparents left me so early and I don't even remember if I had such memories. 

I think whatever age grandparents are at, they have more attachments with grand little children rather than their own children and thus they just flow all the love of the life over their grandchildren. 

I'm sad to hear he is no more but you need to keep praying for him.

May Allah grant him with high rewards in Jannah.



Atif khan Nutkani
14 Dec

my favorite person is Muhammad  (peace bi upon him )... 


Muhammad Arslan
14 Dec

May Allah bless your grandfather with Jannat and you and your family with patience.

Best of luck for contest.







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