The faucet headache

In the year 2016 I entered the world of crypto currency. Like all new bee's my journey started with the faucets. As there was no one else to guide me so I relied on the internet to find ways of earning crypto currency. The search ended in numerous faucets which doled out piddly some of satoshis to satiate the ego and mind.

Slowly I built up a list of faucets which I would use to claim at regular interval. As different faucets had different claim timings so I made a sequence among the faucets so that I had the minimum waiting period. This took about 15 days. After that it was a dash every day. Each day for about 10 hours I used to mindlessly sit in front of the laptop and complete the repetitive tasks, solving captchas to earn a few satoshis each time. Those who have done this for a long time know how taxing it can be.

At the end of the day I used to be completely drained out from mental fatigue. The family life starts getting disturbed as the mind is completely engulfed in these faucets. The mind keeps on pondering how did I do today, how can I earn more satoshis tomorrow. Actually I started speaking less as I was thinking more about these things.

After a few weeks I started developing a feeling of a strained eye due to staring at the laptop continuously. The eyes started feeling heavy with slight pain. I started using eye drops to relieve this symptom. It continued like this for a few week and I started feeling uneasy. And after a few more weeks I started developing headache after a few hours in front of the laptop. The headache would start and refuse to go away. It is now that the alarm bells started ringing inside me.

I started contemplating what I am doing. The daily earning would not reach a dollar and the tax I was paying in the form of my deteriorating health made me wonder whether it is worth it or not.

Then one fine day I decided that it is time to stop running after satoshis as it will lead to no major financial gain but I would surely lose my health and develop some chronic illness. Most likely it would have been migraine.

This whole cycle lasted little more that 2 months but now when I think about it I feel i took the right decision. Satoshis and health cannot be traded.

So my advice to the new entrants in the world of crypto currency - stay away from overdoing faucet claims - its not worth it. If you cant stop yourself from doing it then keep a balance, and listen to your body also. At the end of the day a healthy body and alert mind is the most important requirement of life.


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