The Evolution Of Hairmaking In Nigeria 3.

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Virtually every aspect of Nigerian culture can be expressed via visual art. 

Photography, therefore, is a form of visual art that serves as an essential tool for recording the trends and progressions of traditional culture and making it available for posterity. Photographs are especially valuable for communicating the essence of culture to people who are unfamiliar with that culture. 

 In the past, women have styled their hair into many beautiful patterns 

without using any attachments or hair extensions and then there were no wigs, weaves, hair extensions this means that the value and confidence in showing off your natural hair are no longer there.

Although some people still wear this traditional hair in some part of the world making it still known that culture and traditions still exist while most Nigerian young women have left behind traditional styles of cornrows and thread, which were usually fashioned in artistic ways, only to settle for 

Western hairstyles wigs, weaves, and hair extensions. 

 As a result, the beautiful hairdo's legacy was been forgotten.

Now in the modern world, hairstyles that have been preserved for remembrance that's the old fashioned way is been eroded gradually.

Some females have been versatile when it comes to hair making, so many ideas on how to create a new hairstyle that would trend, something with a touch of creativity, imagination, and fashion.

    Sincerely speaking, it's changing from the old fashioned hairstyles to an updated version, females no longer have the capacity to continue with hair making because it's time-consuming, they have switched to a much easier way to flaunt their hairstyles in different hairs like the Venezuelan hair, Brazilian hair and human hairs used to make different sizes, styles and looks.

Even the outdated version of hair extensions like the attachment has varieties of colors, size, newly branded, and refurbished.

  This seems to be more preferable to Nigerian women with less stress and little time. 

I truly appreciate your time in reading this article, Thank you


I give credit to the Nigerian photographer J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere ....for his dedication to saving all this documentary of his for remembrance.

Header Image Edited With Canva and pictures from google source 1, source 2 others from WhatsApp group chat!


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Princess Busayo

Good job and compilation @Cesca. Congratulations on your completion of the Doctorate program at UU. Best of luck too


Morgan Nwanguma

I must say you have captured the hairmaking evolution so well - both in your descripitions as well as in the illustaration photos used. One only hopes that as we have observed with fast food we will not later discover the negative effects of these 'fast hairdos' such as wigs in the future. All the same our ladies have really become highly creative and innovative with this trend these days.


Abidemiademok21 M

This thesis should also be documented for future reference. Kindly keep it safe as NFT.

Congratulations on the successful completion of the project, hope findings like this will not stop here.



Cesca Jove

It's really important we keep it very safe because everything is turning digital these days.Who knows how it will be in 4yeard to come.


Talha Ahmed

Great work. Keep it up .


Samuel Isin

You have done justice by this research, bravo. 







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