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The Evolution Of Hairmaking In Nigeria 1.

1.0  OUTLINE: 

  The evolving hairstyles in Nigeria today are endangering some traditional hair styles. Countdown to the old-times when hair-making marks or differentiate culture and traditions of a different ethnic group in Nigeria.

               As culture evolves, there is always a need to preserve it. If precautions are not taken to preserve cultural heritage, it will be lost. 

In this thesis, I made a research on how hair making came to be and to an extent, it has gone, my researches show visuals of so many hairstyles and how it looks.

This study explores the use of photography as a tool for documenting traditional Nigerian hair styles and considers the preservation of those images in places of art. At the same time, the thesis
analyzes the lost heritage of Nigerian hairstyles.

     With this, you can make your conclusion and ascertain the better way it seems fit to carry on hair making. At the end of this thesis, a documentary video would be shown to you all, the value and high standard women regard and admire hair-making.


Photography, Hairstyles, Documentary 


  Hair making simply the style of the Africans and how they preserve culture, one way to flashback to all those memories of hairdo is in photography or a documentary video portraying values and ways of life and helping humans to relate to past events, express emotions, record social relations and enhance the pride a person has in his or her culture embracing their old ways of life before the evolving styles gradually wash away custom ways and tradition.

        Hair is a part of our body that also needs to be taken care of, we use hair food such as Keratin smoothing treatment, Scalp treatment, Hot oil treatment and so much more to keep our hair healthy.

The need or want for hairdressing arise in other to keep the hair neat and tidy, to most people is a tradition that symbolizes something meaningful and this occurs or seem to be only in the female aspect, rarely would you see a male go to the salon to plait his hair, it sounds weird right but it happens.

In the 1950s, hairdressing can tell what tribe the carrier came from, it could be easily traced down to their heritage and culture. It can also tell who's betrothed and who's still single.

     This thesis interest person who wants to know about the hair ideas and style's with how it developed and what it means, your opinion and inputs would be necessary for the comment section.

Hairdressing in Nigeria is always the work of trusted friends or a hairstylist whose main job is to design, plait, and make numerous hairstyles for customers.

In this case, if the hair should conceivably enter into the wrong hands it can be used against you in the aspect of performing rituals for either tarnishing your destiny or killing the owner.

   Most times, hairdressing in those days is what humans use to separate the male gender from the female, it's said to be the glory of a woman. 

In some tradition according to the Igbo's (South East), it is said to be as a sign of respect and submission to the husband in the sense that whenever her partner died, the elderly women of the custom and tradition of the land used the razor to cut off the hair of the deceased partner, according to them, it means respecting the dead husband spirit and also as medium for her to mourn his passing also it's said that the deceased partner won't look attractive to any other man.

   In those days your hairstyles can tell about you, hair can communicate your age, marital status, ethnic identity, religion, wealth, it could be royalty, importance or value in a community and rank.


1.2.1  DADA:

preview not available

Fig. 1  This is one of the hair that has a natural lock or twist which made it look rough and out of the ordinary, folks perceives this as a spiritual connection between the carrier of the hair in the sense that if the carrier attempt to cut off the hair it would result to a very bad illness that might even take his or her life.

They are believed to be special and have unique and spiritual capabilities like the gift of healing, extreme intelligence, and physical strength.

preview not available

Fig. 2

   Local people believe that their strength and overall good health are tied to their hair and it must therefore not be tempered with or groomed.

   To afford that the hair is only maintained and cared for and not barbed or shaved neither combed. Mostly it happens in the ethnic group of the Yoruba clan they normally use different soaps to bath the carrier of such hair or he/she might engage in spiritual activities like sacrifices, rituals to demarcate him or her from the spirit that possesses the hair, if any individual touches the hair, he or she must compensate the carrier or tie a cowry on his/her head to avoid the carrier falling ill, so in conclusion, few hairstyles are linked to spiritual cases. 


I give credit to the Nigerian photographer J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere ....for his dedication to saving all this documentary of his for remembrance.

Header Image Edited With Canva and pictures from google source 1, source 2 others from what'sapp group chat!

Research sources : Read more, Read here 

Other Research sources : More Info's, Read this

Dada 1, Dada 2.



Atanda Davido
05 Apr

Give it to the old time styles where only thread is been used to make some astonishing and smashing hot hairstyles, so cheap and affordable but now all we gat is costly and unhealthy materials for hair making.


Cesca Jove
05 Apr

Hehe that's so correct but it comes with lot's of pain and headache but everything changes within some period of years.

That's the world advancing but culture and traditions shouldn't be eroded away because of recent fashion.


Emmanuel Uguma
06 Apr

First i learnt some hsir treatments i think i need but i think i need more light.. How can one get Keratin smoothing treatment done.

About dada, I also grew up believing it has some spiritual connection  and rites that needs to be done if one has to cut it before time. But these days everyone can get dada any time they want it.

I can't wait to see more images on hairstyles and also learn more 


Mfoniso Michael
07 Apr

This is a thorough work. Being a Nigerian, I can understand most if the things said here. 

But those rumours of natural Dreads having some of spiritual attachment, how true is it?

Hair styles use to tell a lot about the carrier, but we can't actually say that now.


No name Goodbye
08 Apr

Hairstyles was so important and cherished in the olden days as it is a sign of respect and beauty to the women. Then, Didi is so common to the women and they look so beautiful and attractive to the man they are betrothed to. 

I am so impressed with your Doctorate thesis. Congratulations Sis. 


Cesca Jove
10 Apr

Thank you so much big sis, it was a tough research but am happy to be bring this out.


Safari Bangz
08 Apr

Well resourced and well presented article.. Nice work queen cesca... Seeing this dada reminds me of myself when I was younger


Cesca Jove
10 Apr

I never knew that you were one of the dada people, sometimes people think it's a curse some say it's a blessing......some say it's demonic.

What do you think about this from your experience?


Safari Bangz
10 Apr

Well I don't know much about it then cos I was still a novice.. But I think it's normal,it's just the way God made us..  







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