The Essence of the Holy spirit

It take the Holy spirit of God to change a man ,the spirit that raise up Christ from the dead is a spirit responsibility for transforming a man via the word of God he transforms a man that had been clouded by darkness .

The role of the Holy spirit of God in the life of believer and people can't be overemphasize,he comes as a friend and comforter,he comes to teach us and to lead us at thesame time,he come to stick with us forever not leaving us ,you know he is around because he will speak to you in a small still voice in the heart.

The psalmist so much understand and know the importance of the Holy that he cried in prayer that God should not take the Holy from him,living a life without the Holy spirit is living in misery , I living without hope ,there is no contentment outside of the spirit of the living God.



Emmanuel Uguma
14 Feb

If there is any prayer worth praying every now and then is that the holy spirit never depart from you.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
14 Feb

Very correct sir ,we live in doom with out the Holy spirit


Ifiok Eso
14 Feb

The Holy spirit serve as a guide for us in this wicked world. We should always pray to be fill with the Holy spirit every time.


Endeme Tariah
15 Feb

Indeed without the Holy Spirit life would be hell for a believer...the Holy Spirit comforts, protect, guide, instruct, teach and strengthen a believer... without the Holy Spirit their won't be a single believer.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
17 Feb

that is very correct , the Holy is the only true friend one will ever desire to have and keep you cant do without him ,he make the presence of the father real to you 







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