Another interesting season in the Epl. so far so good, there have been a lot of surprises in results, Teams also having their ups and down..lot of clubs struggling for forms while some Teams doing well

Twenty(20) teams competiting for the league title and it is obvious that some of the teams don't have what it requires to compete with some other teams for the title. So they can only fight to stay in the league and avoid relegation.. Some of the teams have really been impression beyond expectation.

But one Team has really caught my attention in this season of the ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE. I will say that I least expected such performance from this particular team because they really struggled last season. Though they are sitting on 8th position in the table presently but they are really fun to watch. Looking at a team Like Aston Villa that was struggling to stay in the league last season is really impressing lot of fans this season with their performance. I know many of us never expected such performance for them. Grealish is doing a great job for the Team, also Martinez who was signed from Arsenal is also doing a great job for the Team by keeping a quite number of clean sheets for the Team. I must confess "Aston villa are having an outstanding performance this season"

These guys really deserve a clapping ovation and to be given lot of praises. They are really performing mire than some of the bigger teams in the league this season. Anyways I wish they can continue with their present form and keep the fire burning

Best of luck to them

First posted here by me​​​



Hameed khan
19 Jan

I like to watch football but unfortunately i am too busy in my daily chores and missing the english premier league.

But i think you are enjoying


Josemendez P.
19 Jan

One unique thing about English Premier league is that the league is always competitive .


Chidiebere Christian
19 Jan

Aston Villa has really impressed and am happy for them. EPL is not an easy place. I wish my club Manchester United all the best


Saqib Ali
19 Jan

Well this leage is most favorite and famous. I hope this season will also brings many hapines for the football lovers all over the world.

Best of luck to all the supporters as well teams.


Ifiok Eso
19 Jan

Aston Villa have been so spectacular this season. I hat off for these guys, as compared to last season. This same Aston Villa earlier this season thrashed my team Liverpool by 7 - 2 the biggest lost Liverpool have ever suffered this season..







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