Every ...we decide what kind of information we want to read .... 

The good one .... the bad one ....

the local information ...the international information ...

all depend where you are.... all depend from what continent you are ..... 

there is good news .... that will cheer you up .... and the bad news that will do the opposite .....

How do you react from it is a daily challenge ... depend of the balance ... it goes one way or another way ....

it could be equal ...or the bad could have an advantage .... maybe the good could also have and advantage from time to time !

the disaster that happened in Australia where many animals ..perished ........ the shock to imagine the agony and the impossible 

way for them to escape it ...this is the bad news ...on the others side they will always try to calm down the effect and show you 

some rescue .... it can melt your heart and allow you to feel a bit positive ...... 

When the market is down...and you are losing .....its bad....... the general mood would tell you you don't lose if you don't sell and 

Hodl your assets ...see ..another way to create a compromise ...and to make you believe everything will be fine ......

they say life is short ...and then you will see a granny who is 100 years old ....they will say smoking kills ...and you will see an

old man still smoking and still alive and it will confuse you will make you think if he can be fine why not me ? 

the past ...the present... and the future .... how can we manage it .... the past is gone ..... the present..every daily concern from 

today is the priority .... the future ? is what you want it to happen but you can't control it at all time ...there is thing you can 

others thing you can't .....

i was talkinf with my uncle and i said to him when he shared to me an article about the way fiat money work ... the vicious 

character of its function and i told him..see....paper money is an abomination ... Long Live to crypto ....what did he tell me? 

What if there is no Internet? how would you be able to use it ...  i replied to him that circumstances the world will be in 

an anarchy state ...we will only have to focus about survival ...about getting water... food..about protecting ourself from the 

monster...the one that have no more humanity left in their soul and it would be a completely different world......

the kind of world our ancestor lived...the kind of world history told us about ...the kind of world none of us want to be in it .....

No more dream.... no more more... just today about tomorrow? Will see !!!! 

So when you are in a conscious state where you believe the worst is possible...when you know the worst is real and 

happening at the moment somewhere in the world .... you cannot focus too much on the future and what will happen cause 

you cannot predict it .... one life .... one chance.... and to respect Today is fundamental ! 

that is why ....Uptrennd ...deserve some consideration in giving you that opportunity to use your assets at the moment .....

That is why you should always give credit to project and community that can allow you to get a reward right now and to 

be able to use it right now  ! Of course you can Hodl and dream for a better price...of course Crypto analyst will give you 

a reason to expect a better price.... you can Hodl your assets and believe they will go to the moon .... but for an instant....

send your prayer and best wish to the people that must and are obligate to live in the moment ... who need food for today ...

who need electricity for today.... who need to pay for anything they must pay for today ...and for that it is primordial to 

always try to help in that capacity to give others human being a chance to have a good present ...a good day ..... then we can 

worry about tomorrow ...and the day after tomorrow ! 





preview not available Luke Brenland
20 Jan

Very interesting post and Happy monday! lol

I do not see no talk about Bitcoin though?



foo furious
20 Jan

it's in the message :)  

its hiding in it !



Er Dk
20 Jan

Happy monday! 



Usma Asghar
20 Jan

Interesting and supreb from your 








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