The DeFi ecosystem on Matic continues to blossom! Bella Protocol is onboarding to Matic to power their DeFi product suite.

Bella Protocol provides a suite of DeFi products which aim to simplify crypto banking. Think of Bella as the ‘BlackRock for DeFi wealth management’.

Being Binance’s first launchpool project, Bella’s DeFi suite allows users to simply deposit their assets and enjoy high yield from sophisticated arbitrage strategies. The Bella product suite also includes Bella Liquidity Mining, Flex Savings, and Lending.

Seamless DeFi interaction lies at the core of the Bella team’s mission. To this end, Bella not only provides a 1-click design, but is also onboarding to Matic to take advantage of our high-performance scaling infrastructure. In doing so, Bella is able to overcome the high fees, slow speeds and improve UX of DeFi protocols on the Ethereum mainchain, thereby providing a comprehensive DeFi experience second to none.

Bella’s core team consists of serial entrepreneurs and blockchain veterans who have extensive experience and proven track record in finance, cryptography, blockchain, and engineering. The Bella team has been DeFi trailblazers since November 2019, supporting liquidity in various DEXs and lending protocols. They’re now utilizing their expertise to reimagine the DeFi experience, powered by Matic.

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