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The dead Uptrennd - Poetry Contest

Edited - I am glad that I didn't post this until now.. here is the updated version of this poem LOL

@Jeff K gave us all hard working people a gift on world labor day. This poem celebrates that. 

LOL I didn't want to change anything about this post, I only changed the title and added the last stanza to let reality ring the death knell and describe the current state of affairs.

The original version

This is my submission to the poetry contest by @Tina. If you haven't yet taken part in it here is the link, click and join. The more the merrier.

Will the wait ever end?- The original Title  ( It did , it did! Like a slap on the face)

Will the wait ever end?

Like a despondent lover,

On your words I depend.

Days grow into months,  

Eyes grow weary and dim,

I'll never give up the hunt,

Even though my chances seem slim!

Soon you will be here,

Says my heart within,

I cant wait to have you near,

I bear patiently and grin.

My fingers itch to feel you,

To hold you close and tight

I know you are true,

My hope shines bright!

An inner voice whispers "Wait!

He may be late,

He made a promise, he doesn't lie."

The darkest night,

Gives way to the brightest dawn!

Dear heart, hang on!

I wilt, I shrink within,

Hope runs dry,

Is it a sin,

To believe and not cry?

Put an end to this misery,

This agony is killing me,

Set me free,

Mine forever be.

Do not send,

Me to the edge of despair,

App Uptrennd,

Be fair!

I wait patiently,

To have you on my phone,

To be with you constantly,

Even if it wears my fingers to the bone!


And then came the big announcement,

Making a huge dent,

In my faith and in my hope,

The dead Uptrennd!!

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victor vickyrich
02 May

Beautifully written dear and nice entry too. The platform no doubt has helped in one way or the other and so far so good we all have learned something. All the best in the contest,this is unique. Smiles!!!


Sofs Su
02 May

Thanks Victor it was lovely meeting you. Yes we didlearn a lot here. 


victor vickyrich
02 May

Does this mean you are also going? I don't seem to get why you keep saying "it's was lovely/nice meeting you".😥


Sofs Su
02 May

Do we have a choice? I have never stayed away from uptrennd, now I'll be forced to. 


Gohar Ali
02 May

Lol gift for us on labour day. Everyone was excited for announcement and see what happend.platform died pefore jeff action.


Sofs Su
02 May

The greatest gift to the hard workers on the platform, sadly this includes our beloved guardians who did so much for free. 


Huda Mehru
02 May

Hahaha you are a real artist well done sweetheart very nice words


Sofs Su
02 May

Hmm.. thank you, at least I am not a con artist like some. LOL


Idongesit Ubong
02 May

Although it is disheartening,  it's nice reading this poem,  but are we really saying  good bye? What rewards are we going out with? Please let's  understand ourselves. 


Sofs Su
02 May

Do we have a choice, The site has given us time until 31 st of May to back up and clear out. Your rewards are what you've learned from here.. that is what I know


Idongesit Ubong
02 May

Well thank God its not all over. At least we can go home with a little. 







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