The creative photography contest of navi sir

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Friendship should be something easy to define and understand…but, we’re human, and humans are complicated! The base definition of a friend for most of us is someone who is there for us, and whom we’re there for in return. Sometimes, though, friendship has ups and downs; sometimes friendships are formed in the most unlikely of people and circumstances; and sometimes, friendships don’t really wind up being that at all, and we get hurt. So we are here to make sense of it all. What makes a good friend? What makes a bad friend? Friendship is one of those concepts you think would get easier as you grow older, but sometimes it seems to get even more complex. We're here to solve this puzzle. Let's first look at the definition of a friend. Good friend are vitally important to your mental health and to the quality of your life. To live and to love are inseparable from each other. friendships is an opportunity to love, to learn about yourself, to mature as a human being, and to open up to the full. 

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Here you can find a complete list of nice for baby as well as baby boy. Babies are the most precious and adorable in a way that is often very hard to describe in a single line. We always find in a situation where we get confused between choices of words to define the immense cuteness of baby. Anything positive and nice about the baby is taken as a compliment by the parents. You can complement on baby’s cute face, cheeks, looks, hair, lips using words like pretty, sweet, adorable, beautiful, lovely, etc. Always keep in mind that don’t say like baby looks like parents or other people. 

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Here is another one friend. 

I have captured this one in the today in the water special for the @Navi giveaway There the mountain and beautiful view are looking so beautiful in water I like to capture something new and I always try to capture some thing new so this one is newly photograph picture of mine.. 

 I love this one the view is really so beautiful and attractive.. I hope you everyone will be also love it Photography is a fantastic passion and it seems in everything and you all can see how beautiful this one is looking.

Here is my entry for the contest of @navi Sir creative photography.

If anyone want to be participate in contest then👇👇👇

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#One up on moon



Zara Malik
17 Jan

All the best for the contest.


Owais Haider
18 Jan

Amazing photo of the day. Your captured moments and place are very nice. Your capturing is awesome.This is a nice entry for the contest dear, goodluck to you..

 May God bless you all.







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