Ding ding!!! The young beardlock yawns and stretches to the sound of the alarm...

"Wait a minute??? Was I dreaming about that city?? About the Bearded citadel?? Please, tell me I am not back in Nigeria already???"

Hurriedly, he got up and turned on the lights and behold the room resembled that which had seemed to be the one from the supposed dreem... 

"Perhaps, it wasn't a dream after all..." Fola sighed in excitement

Turning he noticed Janet still snoring away in dreamland... "Sleepyhead"... he thought to himself... and pushed her off the bed...

Ouch... "Fola naaaaaaaaaa".... Janet yelled, and a pursuit ensued as she sought for revenge...

Up the stairs and into the penthouse, Fola ran as fast as he could as Janet pursued... dashing through the penthouse and into the balcony they were both stunned by the heavenly scenery that beheld their gaze...

"Look at all of this glory..." Janet said in such a satisfying manner... "Can we stay here forever, please???" She continued

Still stunned by the amazing view, Fola was jacked back to reality by an elbow from Janet... 

"Well, yeah... We certainly can, but we seem to be the only ones living in this part of this city and I have a feeling things could get boring and lonely for us before long". said the young beardlock

"True..." Janet replied... "Hey... yesterday, I noticed some people who were in search of a place to live, while the lady from the speaker was speaking to us... Perhaps we could invite them to live with us..."

"Live with us???" Fola questioned... "You wouldn't allow that..."

"Oh come on, Fola, I didn't mean move in with us... Look around, all of these apartments around us, we own them, we could rent them out and earn you know??"

"Hmmmmm... Very true... and I couldn't agree more... As a matter of fact, I think we should put out adverts immediately to entice people to come and live in this neighbourhood... Shall we???"


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"The city that never sleeps", just like it is known... the bearded citadel located just on the shores of the Atlantic ocean comes with a variety of beautiful side attractions...

- All buildings in the area are built to a taste with a 7-star rating... All tastefully furnished and serviced to exceed the expectation of those willing to occupy them

- The BEACH... of course, with its location just on the shores of the ocean, it would be ironical to not see a beach present! The BEARD-BOTTOMS' BEACH gives this neighbourhood its major attraction and is the ideal place for relaxation, picnics and even for times for meditation... Definitely a great one

- CASINOS, CLUBS, RESTAURANTS and Lots more... What would you be expecting from a city that never sleeps, if not games, club hangouts, lounges, restaurants, particularly the popular JANE'S CUISINE... This city has it all and most run on a 24-hour time table... The city is always so lit up day and night.

- SECURITY: Last we heard, SPAMMERS ran Uptrennd city over, leaving a trail of havoc in their path... With newly upgraded security team and systems... This neighbourhood has got you covered and protected with the best security there is against these THIEVING SPAMMERS.

- Lastly is the close proximity to everything you'd ever need... Offices, Business centres, religious worship centres, gyms and spas, shopping centres and market places... This is the heart of the city and has easy access to all of these with most being just a 5-minute drive away.

So what are you waiting for?? Won't you come and join me and Janet in the bearded citadel today??? 

Come one and come all and DO NOT DELAY... For there are only limited spaces available

The young beardlock slaps Janet's buttocks as he dashes away fast and locks her out in the balcony... "I GOT YOU AGAIN!!!"

Janet screams... Haaaaaaaaaa... Open this door now... I hate you Fola!!!

I love you too baby... Fola replied...

[email protected]_Jay~

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preview not available Dotun Awosika
08 Feb

Awesome participation, well my preferred city has always remained Dubai for its luxury and total fun with family and friend in dynamic environments.


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
09 Feb

Hehehehehe... Dubai seems like the place to be for many people... I wouldn't even hesitate if given the opportunity! 

Thank you sire! Its awesome to have you here


Tiger Lily
08 Feb

hehehehe for those who love the nightlife and dancing and lights and sounds.... this sounds like the most wonderful place

plus - to have a wonderful couple like you and Janet creating so much fun and laughter?? hehehehe 

it's a certain sell!  :)

and the beach? LOLOLOLOLOL


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
09 Feb

Absolutely ma! 

Now lets hope some that some people would love my city and choose to come stay in this neighbourhood... 

The beach is the catch😉😉😉😉😉


Jeremiah Akpabio
08 Feb

Special invitation to all for Bearded City Atlantic Shores. I can see it's a beautiful place for picnics and relaxation, no wonder Janet wouldn't want to go back. Nice message full of love and beauty,  joy, hope and happiness very attractive to people. 



Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
09 Feb

LOLOLOLOLOL! Janet sure wouldn't wanna leave this place! Thank you my friend


Chidiebere Christian
08 Feb

Fola at it again. Really the city that never sleep really look so wonderful. You write with much passion and pragmatic choice of words. Keep moving higher bro


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
09 Feb

Hehehehehe! When are you coming to visit us in this city?? Hahahaha

Thank you dear! Bless your heart


Elizabeth V
08 Feb

Yay!!! I have got to read your Mission 2 post to know more about @Fola and Janet.  This post,  especially at the end,  got me laughing so hard.  Haha!!! And that beaded bottoms beach.  Lol!

Excellent post! I would be interested to live in one of your apartments but I have a land and property of my own to manage and maintain. 


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
09 Feb

Hahahahahaha! The popular Bearded-bottom  LOLOLOL! You should come visiting sometime soon... You'd love it... LOLOLOL

Hahahaha! Maybe I would also come have a tour of your apartments... Hehehehe







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