The child's wellbeing

A child's passport to a lifetime of mental health and social happiness is self-esteem and this is the key to success as an adult, most importantly, it is a foundation to a child’s well-being

Below, I will be itemizing the prospects and challenges of youth development in the community.


1. Talent Discovery

2. Digital Readiness of the Youths ( ICT and its Impact)

3. Availability of Skills for Youth Entrepreneurial

4. Availability of government  Loan Schemes for Youth Development


1. Drug Abuse

2. Peer Influence

3. The Other Side of ICT

4. Laziness

5. Cultural Negligence

6. Erosion in Societal Values

Other prospects and challenges are;

1. Sport

2. Theatre Arts

3. Music Industry and its Attraction to the Youths


1. Lack of Concentration

2. TV and Internet Abuses

3.The Pornography

4.Parental Failure

5. Low Quality of Education.      

6. Pride & Arrogance

The best way on can boost their self-esteem confidence and vision is to make then financially 

 independent by investing in skills acquisition empowerment, providing startups money for those who want to venture into business giving them lectures on how to develop themselves like a seminar on how to run their respective businesses, Workshops of different kinds, and lastly giving them solid mentorship to keep them moving.




Jeremiah Akpabio
23 Feb

Youths development can be effective if there is government presence in each community and the youths willing to take up responsibilities and face every challenge. Thanks for taking time to share the prospects and challenges of youths development here.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
23 Feb

If people support young people and motivate them to practice some sport or theater or any other activity that they like to do, they can improve their self-esteem by developing and becoming successful young people.







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