The Changing role of Youngsters;

The world has changed a lot. It is a hundred times different from what it was in past.

Every new day there's a new change as the whole universe is a series of changes and additions.

Similarly, humans are also changing day by day. Every generation is different and every new generation is considered modern than the previous one.

This generation in which we are included is perhaps considered the most overwhelming, intelligent, wise and modern generation. 

Roles of today's generation are changed.

There's much difference between the previous youth and now's.

Youngsters used to adopt the profession of their parents in past but now youngsters are so choosy about what they are gonna do next.

They don't allow their parents or any other person to infere in it.

Manners are totally changed. Today's generation is proved to be slightly ill or dull mannered as compared to other generation.

Today's youth cannot bear anyone's out of the way act which shows that we are too much extreme.

We want to reach the end of everything and to saw the extremeness and this thing has made us risky and adventurous.

Well, humans change every second. There should not be any astonishment about this change. But the fact to be discussed here is that we should accept the change in upcoming generations and let them grow in favourable environment.

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Musfira Fatima
27 Nov

New generation is forgetting their moral values .this is very disapointing for elders


Top Np
27 Nov

New generation isnot respect elders. He is lost his manner and identify. It is bad thing for all. 


Balogun Godwin
27 Nov

Every generation is changing and improving over the previous ones but unfortunately, some of the changes we are seeing now is really not good. Most especially the moral changes. If things continue like this morally, the society will be too bad in a few years time.


syeda muazma
27 Nov

This society is becoming weak morally. But yes good people are always there. There are still some people who act upon moral values.


Fayhvee .
27 Nov

Like you rightly pointed out, the change embraced by our generation is tilted towards negativity... something has to be done because if we continue like this... the future generation will be without law and order...Its important that you and I  embrace positive changes, so that the future generation can have something positive to also hold unto 


syeda muazma
27 Nov

Exactly. We should be a role model for them. If can't, we should try at least. They would take most of the things from us. We can't blame next generations for their immoral attitudes because we also play a big role in it.


Uboho Fidelis
27 Nov

There is a big change as well. 

some of the changes are beneficial while some are not. 







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