The call of the wild

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Sometimes unpleasant things happen to us for greater purposes, the journey gets very rough and we might feel like quitting.

We give up on ourselves so easily because we see that bad occurrence as the end of the road for us not knowing it was a step we need to take but didn't because we are so comfortable with that present situation. 

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A call of the wild is the story of a dog that faced lots of challenges after it was stolen from its owner in California.

The dog named Buck was owned by a rich man, it wasn't the usual pet dog. It is a special wolf breed with great height and a huge body. 

Big Buck lived with humans as a domestic pet but he was kidnapped and sold to a distance very far away from home. He had to adapt to the wildlife in Alaska where he was merged with other dogs used for delivery purposes in the terrible ice condition of the country.

Buck walked every path perfectly, he faced challenges but never allowed them to overcome him and in the end, everything wasn't in vain because he was able to ignite his dreem of returning to his home.

​During his troubles, he was taken by a man who was on the quest of finding his missing son but it turned out to be in favor of Buck as he found his way back home.

Where is Buck home? The wild or his owner before he was abducted?

You need to see the movie before you can answer the question and if you have seen it, what do you think about the movie "The call of the Wild".



Arifa Mabood
18 Dec

Story seems to be amazing ....soon I'll watch this movie .


Adetola Muheez
18 Dec

Call to the wild,.. another added to my list

I'll check it out ASAP ,bunch must be going through alot.. sigh


George Dee
18 Dec

You should see it, forget about the dog character and you will learn a lot of lessons.


KimJoe Abara
18 Dec

This surely sounds interesting to the ear...

Added to my list..

Will surely chk it out


El Salvadore
18 Dec

Heheh, I really .etgused by this ttupe of fig that was able to own a full plot for itself and also to learn about the home, I think I have to watch the movie for myself


George Dee
18 Dec

You want to know what home means to the dog? 

See the movie bro🤓


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