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09 Jun
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The Boy and The Soldiers

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Ishmael Keelechi 1 month ago

O'boy, quite unfortunate for that guy. I hope you're not telling your true life experience. ✆ Pélé ooo for the hot slap

BGold Ola 1 month ago

Me ke? I can't never play that deadly game o

javier arturo pulido andueza 1 month ago

Oops poor boy, tremendous disappointment.
That surprise he received was terrible.
I'm very sorry to tell you that I don't know how to save him.
He must bear the facts.

BGold Ola 1 month ago

Please let's help him out of this

Omotayo Iluku 1 month ago

Oga won't you safe yourself first by not being a part of the matter? You Sha like to collect resounding slaps too abi? The father soldier has not even come into the matter at all. And moreover, its double wahala for his dead body o, he held mother soldier's waist and has been holding daughter of soldier's waist all along. It is finished brother. 

BGold Ola 1 month ago

Ha! It's a big trouble for the guy, but we need to save him now

Chibuzor Nwenearizi 1 month ago

Hahaha this is a serious issue oo,I think they should involved the lawyers in the matter since anyone who plead will also be a victim I think is only lawyer that can Handel them

BGold Ola 1 month ago

Are you really sure? Maybe that will work out for him

Joeblack Stone 1 month ago

 hahaha this is very serious the boy was actually planning for a surprise package not knowing he's getting himself into a very big trouble with a soldier man, tell me what will save him now from the hands of this man

BGold Ola 1 month ago

I donno that is why I'm asking you







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