Assalam O Alaikum!

Once Again we have "THE BLACK DAY" For the World I guess because the act that happened on that day can not be forgotten by anyone till now even after 6 years.

I want to share my routine of that day:

16th December 2014 was the freedom day for us because our last paper of Intermediate done on that day. We all fellows were very happy and celebrating after the paper. 

When I went to my home, there was no one except my brother, father and my uncle. My brother told me that one of our relative's newborn baby died today and everyone went there. I said okay.

My father came from the shop for lunch and he was watching the TV where the news was airing about APS Attack but I didn't take it seriously. 

At night, when I was watching the news I came to know about the reality of this incident and I was shocked to see that why I was so careless and was thinking this is a regular thing for our country.

16th December 2014, the unforgettable day for the nation, when we lost 150 innocent lives including teachers and students of Army Public School Peshawar, Pakistan.

That brutal act was done by the Taliban. 7 terrorists began their attack in mid-morning when they accessed the large compound by sealing a wall, they entered in a big hall where several students were present and shot them indiscriminately. 

​The terrorists were armed with grenades and rifles, they went to classes and shooted everyone around them.

The attack lasted about 8 hours till Pakistan Army managed to kill all the terrorists on the spot. 

​Many parents lost their beloved kids on that day.

​Pakistan still feels greif on this incident.

#TheBlackDay #APSAttack #HumNahiBhoolenge 



Shakir Ullah Khan
15 Dec

16 Desember was the really a black day for us because there are very cruel with our little children in army public school Peshawar. 

May Almighty give place in June tulip firdoos to all the martyrs of APS Peshawar 


Segun Charles
15 Dec

Oh my God! That's disheartening. We're those terrorists later apprehended? We also had similar case in Nigeria that even went viral. We were killed by our own soldiers in a peaceful protest.


Syeda Ahidam
15 Dec

Walaikum Assalam

APS incident,the most heart wrenching event till today. No words can ever console the parents who lost their flowers in this tragedy.

Salute To Innocent Souls.



Sajjad Ali
15 Dec

Right @Emaan dear

Today is black day because parents loost their love one children. Many teachers and students were killed by terrorist taliban. May their oul rest in peace. Today we must pray for the families who losst innocent childrens.


Dushka Aziz
15 Dec

Yeah today is a black day for PAkistan.. On this day alot of chidrens are passaway from this world.. A lot of mother lost her childrens..







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