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The best revenge is to show them that your life is getting better after they have gone

Dear uptrendianns

Assalam o Alaikum

There are a lot of people in our life who love us, respect us, give us love. But it is human nature that when their heart is full of us, they start withdrawing from us.

  they always try to  find any kid of weakness in our self 

 that we are surprised to think that there are flaws in us?. Well, I agree that every human being. It is not completely perfect. It is believed that there are flaws in human beings.

 There are a lot of people in our  life 

who don't give us love for a while, they make us feel their love for a while. But later on, if human beings leave, then flowers are the effects that human beings have on our lives after they leave.  Yes, sometimes they are unbearable.

 Have you ever noticed 

 when a person leaves us, then we may be thinking to ourselves that I have a lot of shortcomings left in me, then I could not give him my love, or we can make such mistakes.  Keep searching inside

If someone really want to build relationship with You

  I want to say that the person who really loves you, the person who wants to live with you,he  accepts you with all your flaws.If someone  leaves you, then do not weep over the fact that he has left me,or how can i live my whole life without him no no no show them ur strong you can do anything you can live happily life without them always try to keep yourself busy and bring happiness in your life.

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Sana ullah khan
12 Apr

In life we deal  with good people and with bad people we should be careful and not befriend people who are not trustworthy.


Hadeeqa Afzal
12 Apr

We should be careful and not befriend people who are not because as you sow , so shall you reap. Always remember that if  someone really love you, never leave you and always try to make your life so beautiful


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
12 Apr

when some one gone from your life then do some better work and show them revenge in shape of your progress.this good approach and advice


Abdul Rehman
12 Apr

Yeah its would be hard to leave without someone that person we loved but it's the right step to prove yourself strong and it's the right nourishment and development in us to face such situations bravely 


Raimi Akeem
12 Apr

Wa alaykum Salam 

Life comes with its positive side and its negative side. Any one life throws at us we should try and handle it. 

People will always leave and it just left to us to try and not be bitter about it but to show them we are way better without them


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