The Best Ever Sketch I Made.. Who Can Recognize the Legend...??🥳🥳🥳🥳

 I always believe in that a person must be talented enough to give out his best in limited resources. I have just some limited pencil shades and I somehow managed to mix them and to give a close complexion. Below are the pencils which I used to complete the sketch also I just used an ordinary computer paper for this.

This is my 2nd sketch in which I have done some colouring lol. Before this, I've just made some graphite black and white sketches and you can see them on my profile. Since I had been sketching a special person so I thought to make it colourful. There are 2 reasons for this.

1. Someone asked me to make a sketch of Jeff.

2. I really had to make something for Asma Baji's ( @Esma_Sid 's) artists' contest.

So I thought to make a Colourful sketch of Jeff Kirdeikis.

When I just drew the outline of face, my some beloved friends asked where his beard was.. lol. I only replied them, "Has it completed yet?" 

One or two also said, "He looks so young like 20 years..😅😅" I just told them to wait for the final results.

I watched a few videos on how to draw eyes and how to blend colours. And those proved to be really helpful to me though I'm not professional.

Since I had no enough shades so, when I tried to colour his lips with the only shade of pink I had, it seemed like he had put on some lipstick lol. 😂😂 I burst out laughing but then I tried to neutralise the pink colour with some skin and brown shades. And it turned out better then.

We are now "Uptrennd Family" just because of Jeff for he has provided us the platform. I'm happy I didn't ruin his sketch 😝😝 though not much perfect and realistic but it's the best one I've ever made.

So you'll decide how similar the sketch is to him. Just comment below if you had recognized him by just seeing the header image and without reading the description...





Aaron Bliss
02 Oct

Dear,you really did a nice job here,I just wished I could sketch someday like this, maybe I will try to watch some videos too and see if that will help,and I know our CEO will surely love this once he sees it.


Hania Nawaz
03 Oct

Sana Memon copied your comment.. Let's report her😐


Ameer Muhammad
02 Oct

I think everyone know this legend, he is a brain behind this amazing platform, he is Mr jeff...🙂🙂


Hafsa K
02 Oct

Yayyy!!! Kudos to you for recognizing him rightly...🥳🥳🥳


Nasarullah Sanjrani
02 Oct

Wow it is awesome. You are really a good skekcher your work with limited sources is also amazing. Really appreciatable


marriyam mano
02 Oct

You are very beautiful. You have made art. You have made the sketch of Sir Jeff very beautiful.


Adnan Iqbal
02 Oct

What an art. Salute you dear its very hardworking and complicated but you have done. Some people are hardworker who never loose hope and stay focused on his work again and again.







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