The beauty within

The question that came to mind was "is that how it keeps you safe?" From the tiny wisdom accumulated states that the aim of the voices or the ego is to keep you safe, that's all it wants to do. 

*It- because it is all, it is one with the one, it is the Dao , can't be named cos the Dao that can be named is not the Dao."

It came to me that as the suicidal reports increase all over the world in the dawn of the coming age of aquarius, there is an aweful twist to this presentation, and the world is acting accordingly like it's under a trance of sorts. So the awakened person will tell you how they are one with everything and how they understand that the dangers they went through was the ego trying to keep them safe. Understanding the notion that death is life and life is death in the waking, amongst other delusions makes one question the influence of the ego on one to endanger themselves, that- does the ego know that much about life? If it did why would it choose to come to life, being born unaware? If the ego knew enough about life, it'd have chosen some other setting to manifest itself just like it manifested itself here. Further observation shows that suicide is awfully assisted. Just like any story theres normally more than one side, the one's benefiting and the one's at loss, it's a tug of war. Can't be in the middle because that's the instrument of the tug of war. Stand aside and be whatever, join either sides. Being the instrument of the tug of war will lead to your demise. So what is this demise? Another form of definition that we are tripping over because of our attachment to this physicality due to it's too sweet complements to the rest of existence? Just a thought- caught a thought,trying to be careful with these thoughts, they are savages, one can't be too careful.

Supreme love and light

Bless up!


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