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The BEAUTY that surrounds UPTRENND CITY.

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Collateral Beauty” can be explained as an invisible asset that is extremely valued and cherished by the owners of the asset, appreciating the time well spent in modifying it. 

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This movie preview talks about Howard the president of a successful advertising company who was in deep mourning over the death of his six years old daughter who died of rare cancer, due to her death he almost lost his mind and also attempted to kill himself riding a bike towards the oncoming cars.

   He started behaving strangely, then writes letters to the abstract nouns (The theoretical way of looking at things; something that exists only in idealized form) expressing his bitterness, anger, and futility. He never expected a reply but instead got a response from a significant being representing love, time, and death. 


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We moved into uptrennd and made it our city, every individual had their own houses castle, mansion, yacht, helicopter, beach houses, and made it ours, others rented and we lived happily. Every gamizen chose their career and pursued it little did we know that they were lurking around.

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       At the beginning of the movie, there were buildings made of domino trails which Howard was constructing afterwards he pushed a domino trail and it destroyed the whole construction that scenario made me understand that the virus which the SPAMmers carry around the city can spread through one-touch thereby destroying what we have built for so long and the time with efforts would be wasted.

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  •    VALUE {DEATH}

  Our City has always been the city of light until the dark wind blew upon us they attacked an asset, a dark moment for the gamizens, most of us panicked about the kidnap of our mystery man, our guardian they took from us

 was ours! We almost lost him, how do we find him? we started from his last place of visitation and with some clues, we were able to intercept where he could be.

  At last, we found him and brought him back home.

         This led me to how devastating his current state was after the loss of his daughter, his friends were on a rescue mission to help him not to lose everything he had worked for, they hired some actors that would give him reply to the questions he asked, it seems strange but that came from his friends because they stood together when he built that company and they wouldn't want him to lose it to gold-diggers, truly loss can reveal a moment of meaning, beauty and value. (this also implies where uptrennd is and how hard we fight to eliminate the virus that's about to eat up the quality we have built and with the oneness of everyone we rescued the city)

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We need each other in rebuilding this great city because “a single tree does not make a forest” no matter who you are or what you do, you definitely be needing the aid of others, in unity, we forge stronger in uplifting this great city and that also involves time. 

 Then you know time is money, so you have to shed your skin to find your life, work hard and make meaning for yourself, with our combined efforts we can help one another.

Everyone has different issues and problems they are facing, you can either make money or make excuses. 

      The president of a successful company needs the assistance and efforts of his workers to make that company bloom because of the love, time, and unity that Howard and his colleagues created although each one of them has personal problems they still devise a means to sustain the company before it becomes non-existent.



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Uptrennd City would never be
lost or be destroyed because
there's a profound connection

which is love that holds the gamizen together

Header Image from Tiger Lily and Discord edited with canva.

Screenshot taken from tiger lily's post!



Suny A
21 Apr

Nice explanation to the message. Maybe I missed some vital points in my own post. I loved the way you provided the example.


Cesca Jove
21 Apr

Thank You!

The Important thing is we would gain points for making the post I also read yours and it was very good too.


Saviour Essien
21 Apr

Nice update you have written a very awesome post. Your blogging skils is highly recommended. Thanks for sharing.


Cesca Jove
21 Apr

Thank you for your compliment.... I hope you would play this game with us, it's a very interesting game 🎯.....


Egwu Doris .
21 Apr


This is well represented and explained.

No matter how the gold diggers try their best to destroy our city. Our love will form a strong bond that will keep the city alive.

Nice post senior


Cesca Jove
21 Apr

Exactly unbeatable!

They can't destroy what we have worked so hard to built....but one I know for sure is that love and unity prevail.


Tiger Lily
23 Apr

That last part...

oh Cesca.

I'm at a loss for words.  the love that holds the gamizens together.

its so true.  we have Uptrennd and Uptrennd University and even now Uptrennd City.

but the love - that is what unites us beyond all of it.

and i love you


Cesca Jove
23 Apr

Love is the the basic reason we bond together through difficulties and out of it.

Thanks Momma💞







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