In a land of dreems, and a time of games, the destiny of a great city rests on the shoulders of a young "beardlock", his name... Errrrrrrm... What name shall we give him???

"Hold on, Fola, look at this place! I have a feeling we're not in Nigeria anymore"

"Woooohooooooo" What is this place??? Are we in heaven Janet?" Fola asked as he chuckled 

"Janet, look, there are mighty mansions all around this city!"

"Welcome to Uptrennd City, young Beardlock and Miss Janet" we have been expecting you, A female voice said from a speaker about two meters away from us...

"You have been expecting us?? Fola Pondered! 

"How did we get here?? Janet asked"

"If you can dreem it, then you can have it"... Uptrennd city is THE CITY OF DREEMS, made specifically for all who dreem of such a beautiful city... Perhaps can be likened to heaven on earth". You both have certainly dreemed it and now it is all YOURS.

Wooooooooooow" Exclaimed both Fola and Janet... So dreems really do come to pass???

"Yes young Beardlock" replied the female voice...

"Now, look around the city, you would find the exclusive mansions of magnificent varieties, and you have the freedom to choose from any of these all around the city to reside in... They are all for the taking... so feel free to make your best choice... Remember, here at uptrennd city, we cater to your dreems... continued the female voice in the speakers

Woooooooooooootssssssssss!!!!! Exclaimed Janet!!! 

Fola did you hear tha... Fola! Fola!! Where are you??? Janet turned around but the young beardlock had zoomed off to make his perfect choice of an apartment!


While exploring the exquisite city for a suitable place of his own, he found himself just the perfect place at the Atlantic shores of the city... A mansion worthy of a young beardlock.

The young beardlock opted for this place because of its close proximity to the sea, which he would love to use as a great place for relaxation and a great escape from stress. 

The room below is my favourite room because it has a stunning Noir designed built to taste... Comfortable sofas to entertain visitors, a suitable lamp to aid reading and two cute pots of plants to keep the atmosphere fresh and scented.

Finally, is the staircase that leads to the penthouse upstairs from which one can have an amazing view of the sea... and to take some fresh air when the sun is down. He then decided there and then to call this apartment. 


preview not available

"Oh finally... There he is, Where have you been? Why did you just zoom off like that??" An infuriated Janet shouted,

The young beardlock then grabbed her and said Welcome to my Citadel baby and gave her a deep and intense kiss.

[email protected]_Jay~

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Princess Busayo
07 Feb

Taaadaaa!!!!! You gave yourself the name "Young Beardlock hehehe. It's because of that your long and rounded beard shey? 😃😃

I love the room and I hope to come visit you and Janet soon. I hope to view the sea from the penthouse too and make sure to prepare my favorite with a cold wine to support the meal 😋😋🙄


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
07 Feb

Lololololol! You're most welcome Anbuzhayyyy! Remind me again! What's that your favourite meal?? ikokore right???? 

Let me start making it... Hehehehehe

And remember to leave my beards alone o


Ifiok Eso
07 Feb

Wow, your citadel is more beautiful than some places in Victory Island. Who wouldn't love such a place, enjoy yourself bro..


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
07 Feb

Lolololol! Are you sure about this? Lmao! 

Thank you for the compliment brother! 


07 Feb

Lovely concept with the storytelling. The into reminds me of MERLIN lol

What a lovely place you got there, I am sure Janet would love it passionately. 


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
07 Feb

Hehehehehehe! I couldn't resist the urge to use the merlin reference! 

Would you come visiting? 

Hehehehe! Janet sure does love it so well


Tiger Lily
07 Feb

hahahaha you had  me laughing so hard throughout!!!! what a fabulous entry - this one gets an additional 15 points for massive creativity! 

you and Pirate Q  (Abdulqudus) know how to bring the fun! hahahaha


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
07 Feb

Wooooooooow! Woooooooooooooooots!!!

A whooping 15 points??? Magnificent! 

Hehehehehe! Thank you so much ma

Oh wow... a strong competitor in abdulqudus! 

This will be intense and exciting


Adeleye Abdulqudus
07 Feb


hahaha. This is superb.  I really love your entry. 

i think I heard the voice from a far.. But I was already having a nice time in the city  maybe it was because I made it into the city before you. 


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
07 Feb

Lmao... We were late to the city! It was all Janet who delayed her dreems... Hehehehehe

I hear you are my strongest competitor... Hehehehe...

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