Hello, everyone.

Trust me, you will never regret reading this post to the end. Let's go!! 

Finally, I have accomplished my project of building a house in Uptrennd City. 

A house you know is an important necessity. The quality of life fluctuates when you own a home. I built my house very close to the 1UP-OCEAN and across is the Uptrennd Island where my school (Uptrennd University) is located. That area is preferable to me as my adventures in the sea won't be tangled. 

I love sea-breeze. 

There is no place like my home as it's a welcoming and secured environment. My house is perfect for both entertaining guests and a quiet place for pure relaxation.

The interior and exterior view of my house is perfectly designed. And for this justification, I find a feeling of love and safe in my house.

My home is built of marbles, iron, bricks, and tiles. It has most of the modern amenities of life, not to mention.

My home consist of 4 bedrooms. The kitchen is large and comfortable. The bathroom is airy, tiled, and large. 

However, there is this room, specially designed and that's my "Living Room"

 If you walk into my living room you will see nothing out of the ordinary. It's compacted, yet elegant. 

In the middle of the room lies a triangular rug with unique patterns and on top of that lies a gorgeous coffee table. 

My living room has everything that other room would have in it. But for me, it has more than normal……..

Permit me to unveil my "Living Room" to you. 

preview not available

Yaayyyyy!! It's wonderful, right?

 In My Living Room, there are, Viz!

Two wall-arts of the same category, table art, poor plant and floor decor, corner tables, cabinets, 4 windows which two faces the 1up Ocean, 3 in one sofa and two accents chairs. To mention but few. 

My home address: 222 Ocean-Palm Palace.

Visit me on Valentine ❤️ 😂.

To join this game, click on Tiger Lily

I am very grateful to live in Uptrennd City. Thank you! And I'm excited to engage with you in the comments section to communicate the idea of house ornamentation.

 preview not available

#Uptrennd City 

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Merit Ahama
06 Feb

Aww I love your living room, so comfortable and the view outside? So cool. 

You did really great to show us your living room even though I would have loved to see your kitchen too 😜

I will surely visit on valentines day, expect me. 


O.P iykman
06 Feb


Thanks a lot for your compliments. I am glad that you like my house.

It will be a great honor if you visit hehe.


05 Feb

Wow this is incredible.so creative of you. I would like to live in the island side of uptrennd 😍just close to uptrennd school


O.P iykman
06 Feb


There a massive land in Uptrennd City and you're free to live in any part of the City.

Thank you so much for your gracious words. I really, appreciate it. Hope you will join the show.


06 Feb

 Of course,I would like to join the show.you are highly welcome


Princess Busayo
06 Feb

Wow! I love the room so much. You have a quality and beautiful designs and cool sofa to sit on. Well, expect me on Valentine's day. Hope you are not having your girlfriend then? 🤣


O.P iykman
06 Feb


Thank you so much @Princess B. for your compliments on my home decor. I appreciate you. 

Yeah, You will be highly  welcomed on that day if you visit.

Thank you 


Tiger Lily
07 Feb

heheheh those zebra chairs MAKE the room!!!!!!!!!

wow!!!! it's so wonderful!!! hehehehehe i'll be over to have a party very soon - expect me LOLOLOL


O.P iykman
07 Feb

WoW!! You are here, ma'am!

I am glad that you noticed what made the room stand out. 

Sure, it will be a great honor to welcome you, ma. 

The party gonna be a huge one then hehe.  A lot of delicacies will be made  yayyy


Tiger Lily
07 Feb

I will bring my appetite and dancing shoes hehehe


Chidiebere Nze
06 Feb

Wow..so this so lovely indeed uptrennd is my hiding place


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