THANKSGIVING DAY IN THE USA - Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton celebrate thanksgiving day.

Hello Trenddians! Hope you guys are energized for the day?

Today is thankgivigday in the USA. What a day of celebration & merriment in the world's most powerful nation.

On this day it is the patriotic duty of Americans all over the world to celebrate a thanksgiving to GOD for all HE has done from the last thanksgiving to the present one.

This year's celebration is unique in many ways due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic & it's antedant effect.

The USA is the world's most hit country in every respect. America has the highest number of infection, infection rate per population & number of deaths globally.

On the economic front the USA has till today the highest number of job losses & other economic woes.

With all this plectorial of problems, America & indeed the rest of the world really need to be thankful to GOD for everything.

I join Americans on thanksgiving day 2020 to appreciate GOD for all HIS goodness to us.

Image source: Twitter.



RinNy Mboro
27 Nov

God always deserve our thanksgiving everyday 

I join the US nation to thank God for everything this day


Lucas Molade
27 Nov

Thanks giving in America is subconsciously a global phenomenal. They have engrained it in people via Hollywood movies. I can't recall a thanks giving day in Nigeria though. It is very subjective.


Jalal Hussain
27 Nov

it is very nice to celebrate it , even Our GOD as much you thanks me i will give you more and more. 







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