Thank you so much uptrenndianns!

Dear uptrenndianns! 

Assalm O alaikum 

I hope your fine and doing hard work for growing uptrennd family.

I am very happy today and there are only two reasons for my happiness 

The first joy is that I have become a guardian And this heartfelt wish of mine will be fulfilled and Allah Almighty gave me the opportunity to work as a guardian on uptrennd platform...And the uptrennd team selected me as a guardian

 I know this responsibility is very heavy but I want to fulfill it with my honesty.

​And the other joy for me is that I got it from the members of this platform.And I was very happy to read the posts of the members of this platform and read their messages etc.Who were congratulating us on becoming a garden.

I really appreciate the way you have expressed your happiness and I want to thank you all for giving us so much respect..i promise you I would stay positive generous and helping to the people and circumstances.We are here for your services. If you have any questions or issues, you can message us..

I just want to say that if I'm on the same stage today, it's all because of your love and support.And I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all these loves 

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Naveed 784
05 Sep

Many many congratulations dear again. WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST FOR THE FUTURE. 


Sadia Zahra
05 Sep

Wow congratulations dear for this new responsibilities.


05 Sep

our best wishes are with you .. and we hope that your constructive guidance always will be helpful for us..


Hamza baig
05 Sep

Congratulations brother, may Allah Almighty grant you success and good health and long life. Amen. You will do your job in the right way and with complete honesty.


Pakistani Proud
05 Sep

Congratulation to you.

May Allah! Blessed with more sucess.your hard work bring colour for you and also meet to you the hard work fruit







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