Hello, Trenndians

Trust you are enjoying using uptrennd in your homes. Of course, I know!!

I am super excited about the graduation from the University of Uptrennd. 

The graduation took place on 5th February 2021 and I must tell you that everyone who attended was entertained

The journey wasn't all that easy for me but our Chancellor @Tiger lily made it fun.

When the graduation was over, I hopped in my blog and noticed a huge reward for the graduation, and it was from Our CEO @Jeff Kirdeiks,  through his crew.

preview not available

He donated a huge 1up to me which catapulted me the level 16. Two levels added to mine.

I couldn't control it, I was overwhelmed that I started dancing along the road like a drunkard. Though, it was of joy 😊 


preview not available

                         ​Via Gf​​​

I freestyled on the local road 😂

Thank you, sir, Jeff

preview not available

My most profound gratitude goes to you Sir Jeff for your generosity, love, sacrifice, and care to UU and the entire community of Uptrennd. 

Indeed you're a cheerful giver and may the good Lord in his infinite love and mercy replenish you in hundred of folds. 


preview not available

With the same medium, I extend my gratitude to Our Uptrennd ma'am, Our Chancellor @Tiger Lily, and her crew for your love and care in promoting and creating opportunities for all students and the entire Uptrennd Community. Of course, the hierarchy is there but UU is one big family.

Congratulations to my fellow students on this successful graduation.

I admire the future of this community and that many members will view it in the same range.

Thank you.

The image was a screenshot from His blog and Tiger Lily.

​​Preview image​​​



Merit Ahama
07 Feb

Aww two levels up? That is so amazing. 

Congrats dear, and thanks to Sir Jeff and Ma'am Tiger for this awesome gift. 

Nice write up to say thank you 😉


O.P iykman
07 Feb

This girl, you are too much!! You dropped a comment within the first 30 seconds of the posts.

You are the fastest commenter of the week lol.

Thank you very much and too much ( don't laugh at my grammar) 😂😂

Sir Jeff is a God sent and Tigerlily is too

Thanks for your kind words.


Merit Ahama
07 Feb

🥰 I saw your post and I entered immediately na

Am I not allowed to make comment in a one sec old post? 

Lemme alone o, lemme me going 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️


Mahnoor Pathan
07 Feb

I am so happy for you mate😍🤘...

A big congratulations on your graduation.. 

Keep trending.... 


O.P iykman
07 Feb

Thank you very much, Buddy. I appreciate your kind words. 


Anum Rizwan 🇵🇰
07 Feb

Today is a very happy day for us.

We all got a special gift from our beloved admin Jeff kirdeikis.

It's all because of ma'am tiger lily who gave us an amazing place to grow together...

Congratulations mate for level up...👍


O.P iykman
07 Feb

Yeah, it's indeed a great thing for us all.

I didn't expect more. I was surprised to see it again hehe.

Thank you 


Mohsin Pakistani
07 Feb

Many many congratulations to you buddy enjoy your reward

one thing I want to ask I heard that UU. Had stopped level up reward ?then how you got it ?


O.P iykman
07 Feb

Hehehe, but who told you that? UU never leave any students rewarded. 

Sir Jeff rewards all students at every graduation. Though, they noticed that some people join UU because of the level Up and decided to test the faith of the students by stopping it for a season.

UU is the best place to be and I am glad to be one

Thank you 


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
07 Feb

Congratulations to you @Tiger Lily, you are really a rare gem and I always love you caring nature it's really amazing just keep doing the good job.







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