Tension free and healthy life🧬

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Dear friend you know that nothing is said to be as impossible in this world.

We can do everything and we can achieve any destination.

Every one of us wants to live a healthy life and get rid of all the problems.

So in order to have a healthy and happy life, we need to make a living by implementing these decipilines/principles in our daily lives.

Here are some of the principles of daily life that can be used to make our lives more efficient.

Healthy food:

If we want our body to be protected from various diseases, then we must choose a diet that is natural and contains a lot of natural ingredients.

This will naturally strengthen our body.

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Morning walk/excercise:

In the morning we can feel fresh oxygen and a feeling of happiness in our environment.  Therefore, morning walk is also considered very useful and effective for our body, so we should make our body accustomed to exercising on a daily basis.

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Proper time to Sleep😴:

Adequate rest and adequate sleep is a vital need of a body and as long as we provide sleep to our body, when our body wakes up, freshness will be present inside us and our immune system will also increase.

We must not constantly put ourselves to work.

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Happy neighbour:

A good and moral neighbor is also a great blessing from God and when our neighbors are good and moral, it will surely have a good effect on our minds.


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Bad Shah
23 Mar

Yeah, @Skywayhe

A healthy and happy life is everyone dream we must follow all healthy tips to perform a happy life good food, exercise and sleep is compulsory to spends a good life


Atanda Davido
23 Mar

Everyone of your points are valid, you need the right mental state to live a healthy life, free yourself from all anxiety


Adetola Muheez
23 Mar

Well..you just mentioned it all how to live a worthy life.

Eat well , exercise and stay happy always


Suman Naz
23 Mar

You are right sir.

We should take special care of our diet to lead a healthy life.If we do not have any tension in life, then we can spend a perfectly healthy life.Sleeping and getting up at the right time is also very important for a healthy life.We should include a lot of vitamin  in our diet which is beneficial for our body.  


Asher Rasheed
23 Mar

All these tips with positive attitude towards life are really leading points of a  healtheir life.







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