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      Legit For Investment Purpose

               Betters Days for Global Investors

TECCOIN, A decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency or electronic cash system that enables you to easily send money online, Following our whitepaper, TECCOIN is determined to become a powerhouse in the World of digital currency and it's effect in digital marketing.

We are pleased to announce the launching of our peer to peer global digital market, Regarding this as a great achievement for TECCOIN, it's community, and the digital marketing world and we call it SPACE, The future of digital marketing.

Website Http://Www.Teccoin.Tech

Coingecko Https://Www.Coingecko.Com/En/Coins/Teccoin

Cmc Https://Coinmarketcap.Com/Currencies/Teccoin/

Coingolive Http://Coingolive.Com/En/Coins/Teccoin/

Coincodex Https://Coincodex.Com/Crypto/Teccoin/

Ico Holder Https://Icoholder.Com/En/Teccoin-31644in-31644in-31644IN-31644in-31644in-31644


Uniswap: https://uniswap.info/pair/0x6f7feb024199419a31406b5694767eaab3b447b6

BambooRelay https://t.co/AYrgN9WvyY

Bitxmi  https://news.bitxmi.com/bitxmi-listing/teccoin-listing-will-start-this-saturday-20th-june/

SwitchDex  https://switchdex.ag/#/erc20?base=0x7dee371a788f9bd6c546df83f0d74fbe37cbf006&quote=weth

AZBIT  https://azbit.com/exchange/TECN_BTC


Tec Coin has official launched its Crowd Sales, which is live via Tec Coin  https://www.invest.teccoin.tech 

( TecCoin Recommend the use desktop on the site). With Special offer of 60% off initial price 20% Extra for each purchase up to 1 ETH 10% on every purchase, there are rewards available to highest holders as well.

 Reasons To Be Part And Invest In Teccoin

• Teccoin team is working on diverse operations which will give value to it's token making this project successful. The value of the tokens purchased during the sales will climb above the price set during the sale itself, and investors will achieve overall gains

• The team are working tirelessly to avoid dumping of coin and will continue to see the price go up. Investors would have significant gains both in the short and long term, So we advice all investors to hold their significant interest in this wonderful project.

• Teccoin is determined to support enterprise development, supporting coin holders, With the commencement of our digital market, SPACE by Teccoin, Teccoin is determined to become a powerhouse in the World of digital currency and how it can affect digital marketing, creating a peer to peer, business to business global digital market, which pleasing to every coin holder, And will amass significant benefit massively.

• The TecCoin team have also initiated a buyback and burn plan. The purpose of this buyback is to reduce total supply, increase token stability, value and demand. The purpose of the burns is not to influence the token’s price, but to instead encourage the development of an ecosystem based on Teccoin. This buyback and burn will be done annually and burned tokens will be moved to a black hole wallet or burned through a smart contract

• We have also initiated Teccoin staking and Teccoin holders which will make a certain percentage quarterly for holding TECN. All you have to do is stake (buy and hold) some coins in order to get added to the pool. Actual profits you can make from staking. depends on how much you hold and how long.

• Total supply is amazing (50,000,000) and sale price is realistic. Take charge today, Better days assured.

Name:                                 Teccoin

Symbol/Ticker:                 TECN

Platform:                            Ethereum

Price:                                  $0.05

Total sales:                       ( 20M ) TECN

Wallets:  ERC-20 Compatible Wallets

Smart Contract 0x7dEe371A788f9BD6c546dF83F0d74fBe37cbf006

Total supply: 50,000,000 (Fifty Million)

TecCoin http://invest.teccoin.tech

TecCoin Group  https://t.me/teccoinofficial

TecCoin Channel  https://t.me/teccoinchannel



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30 Jul

Great to have you with us here on Uptrennd, any questions feel free to reach out to anyone of us with a star badge beside our names



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31 Jul

Welcome to Uptrennd, Siberty Network! Awesome to see you around! 🙌🙌🙌



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31 Jul

Welcome on board Siberty Network.

I hope to read more about the Teccoin staking in the coming days.



Fami How
31 Jul

The price of teccoin is very good and the way your team working behind it amazing and you guys are thinking long-term.

And very warm welcome on uptrennd

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