Teacher and the poet are those personalities who build a strong nation.

An excellent teacher plays an important role in our lives. He beautifies our lives as well as our souls. And I think a great teacher is one who blends in with his students. That is, love them.  Love and teaches them in a way that is admirable. There is a lot of sweetness in his tone. It is through this sweetness that he creates love in the hearts of his students and shines the light of knowledge in their souls.

 About ten days ago today I went to his college with my friend because I had to get admission in the university so I went to his college with him so that when he has a holiday we can go to university together and my friend Yes, he is doing MA Urdu. And when I went to his class, his teacher said that we walk outside in the ground and I will give you a lecture there. And when we came outside in the ground, this professor's The way he taught and the sweetness in his language really touched my heart.

 Poetry is not liked by every human being but I think that a person who is in love, he evaluates the things of poetry with his own love.

 Because this is Urdu poetry, that's why I want to summarize you. They say that there are many bright stars on the earth, but there are some bright stars that really have the ability to shine and shine. So they try all the time.

 Remember destinations are always found by those who strive to reach their destination. There are thousands of people who want to reach their destination but when they lose their temper they lose everything.

 Just in the last words, I would like to say respect your teachers because the teacher is the one who shapes the spirituality of man and I have always given the status of father to a teacher. This is the channel of a friend of mine who  Has made a few days ago and always shares one such video on it which is really commendable.

Watch this video and tell me if there is an example of a excellent teacher?

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Sehar Shah
04 Apr

We are strong and education because of these personality. We all except this thing but some people completely forget to respect and be grateful for this blessings. 

Teachers do their best to build us and make us successful in this universe. 

I am grateful ❤️

Love my loyal and best teacher


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
04 Apr

Yes, you are right. It is the teachers who make our lives. We succeed because of them we learn to read and write.


Sehar Shah
04 Apr

Yes sir. 

Teachers play a vital role in our lives.

Thanks ☺️


Musawir Ali
04 Apr

Just as a house is incomplete without mother, likewise society is incomplete without a teacher.

They are next to our parents and we must not forget them once we are on good positions. They are the reason why we are successful 


Hira Tahir
04 Apr

A great teacher have a power to make and ruin the lives of every student

I'm really lucky that I meet every best teacher in my life😂 Even my friends are also my teachers😘because they teach my alot


preview not available Saqib Ajmal
04 Apr

Hehehe same lol There are some teachers in our life who become really good friends😂


Hira Tahir
04 Apr

Haha Yesh! 


Chidiebere Christian
04 Apr

The teacher in the video looks like he is making good impacts to the students though I don't understand the language he is talking with. 


Top Np
04 Apr

Exactly sir, poet and teacher are important work in everybody life.Teacher is light of everybody life.







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